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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


Hey all, new to the forums, but I’d like to come out and play some games. I can make it tomorrow around 5:30-6.


Okay, see you at 5!


Yay! We’ll be at the tables near Peet’s.


We’ll be the people with 5 times more board games than we need.


Variety is important!!!


Thanks for bringing Great Western Trail, @Tika! Definitely an intriguing game.


:cow: :cow2: I really like it!

We played Patchwork, Favor of the Pharaoh and Great Western Trail tonight. Thanks for coming everyone! Have a great Thanksgiving! :turkey:


update on day gaming: it’s 6:46am and I’m just about to go to sleep (i think) soooo I’m probably going to be asleep for a good part of the day. :sweat_smile:


All right, furry/furious people! If you’re interested in playing Fury of Dracula at some point this week, reply with days/times available and let’s see if we can get a full game (of 5) going. :vampire:

@Kruton can’t log in to the forums, but he and Kat are available after 1 PM on Saturday and all day Sunday.


I am interested. I could play Thursday after work, Friday after work or Saturday early-ish (need to be free by 6PM). Sunday is also open for me. I could probably make tomorrow night too, but it would not be my preference.


Kat and I can do Sunday all day or Saturday after 1.


Let’s do Saturday at 1:clock130: at my place. Also this is my probably my favorite game, so I’m happy to run this again for others!


Is that supposed to be 1:30? I genuinely can’t tell.


Emoji fail. Yes it’s 1:30 1:clock130:


This one? :clock130:


That works for us!


have fun furying the dracula!! (^-^)
i’m free for more dracula or other games on Monday the 4th and wednesday the 6th. If anyone is interested (^_^). Preferably Wednesday but Monday is great too.


I think I can do Wednesday. Let me get back to you tomorrow about it.


Wednesday could work for me too


I can do Wednesday!