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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


I’ve been wanting to play it forever. I’m in!


Sounds like you may already have 5, but I am also interested in the case that an alternate is needed.


Seems like we’ve almost got enough for two games.


there are multiple copies around. :thinking: we could split into groups and see who is the most furiest dracula.


The most furry Dracula!!! :bear: :vampire:


Mae, if you want to start a weirdly specialized Furry meetup, could you please move it to another thread?


I think we do! Does anyone want to play this coming weekend? :vampire:


Oops I never replied to this. I’d be up for playing games tomorrow!


I’m out of town this week!


Count me in. I am available tomorrow and on the weekend - whatever works for people.


Let’s do tomorrow! If we have 5 I’m down for FoD, or if you all want to wait for the weekend and go for it I’m fine playing other stuff.


Also here’s a crazy idea that I had: I have Wed off from work. If a few other people have the day free, would anyone be into a really long day of gaming? We could start at 11-noon and go until around midnight? I can’t host but Victory Point Cafe in Berkeley has a gigantic game library, food, drinks and tables. Here is their list of games, and you can bring other stuff if you want. Am I the only one that likes to occasionally game until my brain hurts?


im dinnering with dad tomo, am not free on the weekend (i could do sunday night though).
I’d be down for some day gaming wednesday! i have plans in the eve but could definitely day game :smile:


While that does sound like something that would be fun to do sometime, I have work this Wednesday. Maybe some other time.


Looks like we have 3 people for tomorrow. I’ll bring Great Western Trail + other stuff I haven’t chosen yet. :grinning: Should we meet at 6? Or propose another time if that doesn’t work.


I can meet earlier than 6. Can anyone make it by 5?


I’m going to bring Among the Stars and Smash Up.


I can be there at 5!


Earliest I can get out of work is 5, so i probably won’t be there until 530 at the earliest


I’m down to meet with you, Mae, at 5 and play a quick game of something. I’ve got Patchwork