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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building

I brought Azul and Automobiles with me to work

I was worried you were already in the city. Yay, glad you can bring something!

I’ve been wanting to play something heavier, but could be persuaded to play one of those if neither of you want to. I’ll bring Caverna and we can figure it out when we’re there.

Incidentally, the meeting I was supposed to have today got cancelled, And I’ll have to come back next week, so if anyone can make it any time but Tuesday I’ll probably be down that way.

haha ok. so what is happening today? are games cancelled?

No. I’m still planning to come play unless anyone else needs to cancel.

ok. i am running behind though so maybe you and kruton can play something together first? it may get close to 6pm…

What did y’all end up playing?

caverna :slightly_smiling_face: i lost :raised_hands:.
it was fun.

but i got the cuddle room so who is the real winner?

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All I see now when I see a cuddle room is Paul Dean.

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maybe he was hiding among the sheep :smiley:

I’ll be down there again on Wednesday. Anyone want to meet up?

Anyone want to play on Thursday?

Playing Pandemic Legacy: S2 on Thursday. :confused:

I have been aggressively lent a copy of Spirit Island that I have to return on Saturday. Anybody interested in playing this week? :fire: :wind_face: :mountain: :droplet:

I’m super busy this week and will be out of town all week next week!

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I’m free weds after 5pm.

edit: nevermind!! i am not free after all :frowning:

So I work at the ferry building now and get off around 4, meaning I can play games most days. Anyone want to play Tues-Thurs next week?

I can do wednesday :slightly_smiling_face: but it’d be after 5pm.