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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


i could Thursday


So is tomorrow happening or not?


I can make it!




i can make it after 5pm…like 5:30-5:45. hope it is not too late!


Let’s say 5:30 then? :smile:


Works for me


We played Altiplano. Many canoes were acquired! :canoe:


Hello SF people. I’m going to be in your city again in July (10th to 15th).


Yay! I’m leaving for Denver on the 15th but I’m free before that. Let’s play some games! :grin:


I’m going to be at the ferry building on Thursday afternoon around 4. Anyone want to meet up and play some games so my trip has a dual purpose?


I can do Thursday!


i can do thursday! it might be hard for me to get there by 4 but i can aim for about 5pm.


I didn’t really expect anyone except maybe Mae could be there that early. 5 seemed more reasonable.


Sure! What should we play? I have Great Western Trail, Altiplano (both with expansions), The Gallerist, and also I played (by me) games Lisboa, Trajan and Nippon.


I do want to play antiplano again. I also have been wanting to get Scythe to the table if anyone’s interested.


I’ve been wanting to play the GWT expansion!


I can bring both Altiplano and GWT. Meet at 5?


Argh, so sorry everyone, just remembered that I have a Pandemic Legacy: S2 game tonight so I can’t make it!

I can drop a game off if y’all need though and pick it up from Nicole’s place on my way home later?


I can bring something unless either of you are intent on playing one of those games. Scythe or Caverna, anyone? Or something else.