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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


I’m generally available week nights. Next Wednesday 5:30 for :cow: :cowboy_hat_face: :steam_locomotive: then? Sorry again for the last minute cancellation!


Okay, so I do notice now that nobody actually replied to me. :laughing:

@nikotte, @cottonbrown and I played Great Western Trail tonight! But without the expansion (even though I have it) because it’s been so long since we played I didn’t want to also learn a new expansion at the same time.


the game was too exciting for nearby glass to handle


I read the Rails to the North expansion rules! The rules are not too difficult, but it opens up a lot of new decisions to make about which city to deliver to.


I really want to try the expansion! Sorry I wasn’t there yesterday :sweat_smile:


Gaia project this coming week, anyone? I could do Monday, Tuesday or Friday pretty easily, as well as the weekend.


I could do Monday.


Monday works for me, I am uncharacteristically busy otherwise next week.


Monday would be great. What time are you available @Kruton? The qualifier is that it’s kind of a long game so we’d need to start by 5 or so, and it would be good to be familiar with the rules ahead of time so the teaching portion doesn’t take too long.


I can start at 5


Sounds great. Let’s meet at 5.


We played Gaia Project 3P! :milky_way:

Quote of the game from @Kruton: “Five is less than six.” :laughing:


So for the first round, we should have selected the round boosters in reverse player order (to make up for going last); not that big of a deal.

The first player to pass did have to choose from the three remaining round boosters that weren’t taken that round:

When you pass, take one of the three available round boosters
(including one that another player returned during this round),
then return the booster you started the round with. You cannot
keep your booster (i.e., you cannot use the same booster two
rounds in a row).

The second player to pass could then take the one returned by the first player if desired, etc. This probably didn’t affect things too much as we would have just adjusted our strategies to the available round boosters. :woman_shrugging:

EDIT: I can’t remember if we did this correctly or not, but the initial mine placement is Catan-style, where 1st player places a mine, 2nd player places a mine, 3rd player places two mines, then 2nd player, then 1st player.

EDIT 2: If you own multiple structures in the neighboring area, you can charge power only for your structure with the highest power value (power value is explained on page 14). If you own multiple structures with the same power value, only charge power for one of them.


Thanks for clearing that up. It’s a big rulebook and I knew I had gotten hazy on a few of the finer points. Keep me updated on anything else you may notice.


Now I’m rereading the rulebook, and apparently I also had the rules for how to take tech tiles wrong. I won’t go into full detail here, but if we play again we’ll need to relearn that aspect.


Hello, SF peeps. @nikotte, @Tika and I have been meeting to play Arkham Horror LCG since meeting at SHUX.

Tonight she mentioned this thread, and so I’m dropping in.

I’d love to get a game once in a while. I tend to prefer heavily themed games, but I’m usually up for anything. I’m terribly uncompetitive at heavy games, though I enjoy playing them.

I have a nice-sized collection of games and I’d be happy to bring stuff to play.

I am “markkawika” at the Geek, where I keep track of my collection. Last weekend I went to KublaNow!, a mini game convention in Burlingame, where I brought & taught Root. I have lots more that I’d love to bring & play.


I’ve been wanting to play Root since it was reviewed on the site last year! It was in incredibly high demand at SHUX


Anyone want to play on Monday or Thursday next week?


I might be able to do Thursday! Perhaps Altiplano with the Traveler expansion? Anyone else interested? :grinning:


I’m really busy this week unfortunately :frowning: