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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


@Tika @nikotte ?


I am up in snowy Truckee this week! :mountain_snow:


i could do wednesday!! (tomorrow)


oh wait. next week. i could do that too :slightly_smiling_face:


oh hello. looks like im also free on thurdsay


I was talking about next week last week (so, tomorrow).


whoops. yea. i can do tomorrow


I just learned about an important thing related to the Oakland teachers strike I want to help with tomorrow so why don’t we wait until next week when Mae can come? I can do Wednesday!


next wednesday sounds good to me :slightly_smiling_face:


I can do Wednesday too! Ooh, what should we play?


I haven’t played Great Western Trail or Imperial Settlers in a while :slight_smile:


I have the expansions for GWT! :cow: :cowboy_hat_face: I will bring both games. What time do you guys want to meet on Wednesday? I can make it after 5.


5 or 5:30 works for me!


yay!!! i was just telling some friends about gwt :smiley:
and 5:30pm works for me too


Wednesday 5:30 it is, then! See you there!


So Mae is sick and Nicole and I were both counting on her to bring games :grimacing:


:face_with_thermometer: we can postpone for another day. i can probably do most wednesdays.


I can also do most wednesdays


I have another game meetup on Wednesdays that I can skip if that’s the only day people can meet, but Monday or Tuesday would work better. Anyone up for a longer weekend game like Gaia Project or something along those lines in the next couple of weeks?


Tuesdays are bad for me but Mondays could work.