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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


Anybody want to play some games this week (or next)? :slight_smile:


Some day I’d still like to make one of these. Life’s just not been cooperative. Haha.


man. i am behind on the thread :sweat_smile:. we’ll have to do a post shux meet up :yum:


Who’s up for games next Tuesday? :grin:




What time tomorrow? I’m pretty much free whenever.


We’re meeting at 5:30. There will be 5 of us (including you, though) so I’ll probably be bringing lighter games.

EDIT: I’m thinking Century: Eastern Wonders, Adrenaline, Dragonfire and Happy Pigs


Anyone want to play on Tuesday?


I’m most likely staying home with the kid (school cancelled because of the smoke) but I’ll update if there’s any change.


How about this week? I’m free Tuesday and Wednesday.


I can’t do Tuesday or Wednesday this week, Maybe Wednesday or Thursday next week?


I could do Wednesday. Anyone else free?


Hey everyone, I’m between jobs and taking a month to just do whatever I want, so I have tons of time to play games! Let’s get some meetups together during January. I can actually meet on weekends now, so if anyone wants to do some longer things on Saturdays or Sundays let me know.


My schedule/life is all crazy and up-in-the-air at the moment and difficult-to-plan beyond a day out, but I probably could swing a Sunday this month.


I’m going to the dentist on weds but could be free after. like around 4pm? i know @Tika has the new arkham :grin:


Ahh, I’m playing Pandemic Legacy this Wednesday! I’m free other days though.


awww we’ll have to come up with a different day then


Anyone up for this coming week?


Hey all, anybody up for games maybe Thursday this week or Wednesday next?


I could do this Wednesday.