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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


Works for me!




We played Suburbia, Code 777 and Legendary: Buffy! :houses: :seven: :vampire:


@Tika @nikotte I’ll be in the Bay Area from Wed 12 Sept to Sun 16 Sept. Are you (and any others) available for games? Failing that, lunch or dinner?


I’ll be around! I think Wednesday has generally been the day most people are available but any of those days should work for me.

@Kruton @michaeljohnrawley can you guys make it?


I’m interested. What day of the week and time were you thinking? :slightly_smiling_face:


Wednesday the 12th after work is good with me!


Let’s say Wednesday 9/12 at 5:30 PM? Time is flexible for me, so if anybody wants to meet earlier or later please comment. :slight_smile:


I’m free on the 12th :slight_smile: if we wanna do the Sunday meet up we can, I just have to know by about 2pm tomorrow [update] Wednesday it is!!! see you all then! haven’t done much gaming since MaeCon so I’m excited :grin:


Yay! What games do you guys want to play? I just learned Islebound and it seems like it would be fun!

EDIT: I also just received Altiplano. Alpacas!!!


I can do Wednesday, but I don’t think I can do Sunday. :frowning: Going to a baby shower then catching my plane.


Is there a Sunday meet up? Or is that something @nikotte made up? :laughing:


@jgf1123 any game requests? :grin:


I haven’t had a chance to game much this year, so I’m up for anything. Thanks for asking!


Looks like we are set for 5:30 on Wednesday 9/12 at the Ferry Building. @jgf1123 look for the Peet’s or Book Passage (ground floor in the middle of the building on the side by the water); we’ll play on one of the long wooden tables there.


Great! I’m renting a car because I’m staying with people in Marin county, so hopefully parking won’t be too bad?


If you’re in Marin, you should really look at taking the ferry… it’s going to bring you right to the ferry building to play games (not sure how late they run though).

Sorry, can’t make it this time, I’ll be in Canada for a few days.


i made it up. i made it alllll up


Reminder! Games tonight at 5:30 PM. I’m bringing Altiplano and Terraforming Mars and maybe something else. See you all there! @jgf1123 @nikotte @Kruton

(I invited someone I know from the Mile High Game Guys Slack so there should be 5 of us).


We played Altiplano! :llama: Thanks for coming, everyone. :smile: