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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


Next week is pretty busy for me


06.26 works for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! See you there!
Should I haul The Gallerist? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah! I’ll try to learn the game beforehand.


@cottonbrown @nikotte What time do you guys want to meet tomorrow?


the regular 5pm? i could get there earlier as well…


5 PM is good. See you then!


Works for me


We successfully played The Gallerist, hooray!

@Handyandy58 let’s play some games before you leave! What days work for you?


I want to play The Gallerist again before I forget the rules. :laughing: @nikotte would you want to play again sometime next week? Anyone else? I can bring my copy so you don’t have to haul it again hehe.


i replied to the email instead of posting on here :sweat_smile: I’m free next tues and weds. i could also make a Sunday night if after 6pm :grin:


I can do Tues next week!


Yay! What time can you make it, @Kruton?




Next Tuesday at 5:30 it is! See you guys then. :grin: :paintbrush: :framed_picture:


I need to be gone by 6:30, but I can get there earlier if that also works for others (like 5:00 maybe?). I can also try and learn The Gallerist ahead of time to save time.


Pretty sure we won’t be able to finish in 1.5 hours, even if you already know the rules. Or we’d have to rush to do it. Perhaps we can play something else? Any suggestions? (@nikotte too)


battlestar galactica :rofl: just kidding.
what’re people in the mood for? I’m down for whatever.
maybe great western trail? i can bring my legendary buffy game if people would wanna play that.
do you have your copy of hardback @Kruton? I’d be down for that too.
oh i have an attack on titan deckbuilder too! but I’d have to learn the rules so that’s probably not a good one if we’re on a time limit. :sweat_smile: i can try to figure it out tonight though.


GWT is also on the long side. :confused: I’d play Buffy or Hardback! I’ll bring Code 777, La Isla and Suburbia.


I was bringing Hardback and Flamme Rouge buuuuut I left the bag at home…

What time are we meeting?


Meet at 5?