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San Francisco: Board Games at the Ferry Building


Hello! If you’re looking to play some board games in San Francisco, we meet every 2-4 weeks or so at the Ferry Building. There are usually 3-5 of us and we’re up for playing most types of games (especially SU&SD favorites)! We don’t have a regular day, but use the forum thread for organizing games, usually on week nights. We meet at the long tables right outside Peet’s in The Ferry Building (in the middle of the building on the ground floor, by the water).

Everyone is welcome to join! If you’re interested in playing some games, subscribe to this thread to get notified when the next game night will be, or propose a day yourself. :slight_smile: Do post to let everyone know you’re coming though, so that everyone can bring games to fit the player count.

EDIT: Sonia moved to another city and is no longer organizing the meetings mentioned below. She’s left the group open so that somebody else can possibly take over, and I’ll update this post if that happens.

If you’re interested in casual/social/party games with a larger group, try the SF Board Game Buddies Facebook group, organized by Sonia. They meet at the Ferry Building as well every other Thursday. This group is not associated with SU&SD, but Sonia is a fan and has volunteered for them in the past at GDC.

(We’ve used a different thread in the past to organize games, but it’s not explicitly welcoming to new players and I wanted to make it clear that anyone who’s interested in playing games is invited to join.)

San Francisco!

Hello potential new friends! Just want to reiterate Tika’s message and welcome any and all to come join us!




Anyone down to play this Wednesday?


i can meet up after 6 :sunglasses:


I’m down!


I can make it! :slight_smile:


I will have to miss this week. Next time!


What are you in the mood to play.? I’m itching for a game of Caverna, but it’s pretty long, so would likely take up most of the time. I’m happy to play/bring shorter stuff if that’s the vibe.


I don’t think I can handle learning Caverna today (in desperate need of sleep), but would like to another time! I’m thinking of bringing Terraforming Mars, Adrenaline and Pit Crew. Does anyone not like Terraforming Mars? I could bring Great Western Trail or Yokohama instead.


I forgot my bag of games at home :sweat_smile:

I’m interested in playing Pit Crew and I like GWT!


i like terraforming mars but prefer great western trail. I’ve never played yokohama!
i also want to learn caverna at some point :slightly_smiling_face:
i don’t really have games on me cept dsa. i have arctic scavengers, summoner wars and sushi go at work though so i could bring any of those. sounds like it won’t be necessary though :hugs:


I’d like to try GWT also. @nikotte bring Arctic Scavengers in case we have extra time. I love playing that!


We ended up playing Pit Crew and Arctic Scavengers + leaders and objectives. Thanks for coming, everyone! :grinning:


I’m planning to stop by the SFBGB meetup tonight. Will anyone else be there?


Haha nobody replied but we were all there. :stuck_out_tongue: (I only just saw this)

Lots of fun! We played Werewords, Pit Crew, Polemic, Welcome to the Dungeon and Two Rooms and a Boom.


No worries. Glad we got to play!

I will be around all next week, and I have Friday off of work as well. I’ll most likely be busy Thursday, but could definitely be up for a post Thanksgiving session on Friday.


I’ll be working on Friday, but was going to suggest a Tuesday meetup if anyone is interested.


Who’s interested in playing Fury of Dracula? @michaeljohnrawley, @nikotte and I would like to play and if we get two more we have the full player count, which is best! :slight_smile:

We probably want to set aside 4 hours or so for this, and I’m happy to host at my place as an alternate venue if people prefer.


I bet Kat would want to play if we did it on a weekend