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San Diegans here!

Gave up on the local meetups. One group was into party games (the hardest they got was the occasional Catan). Other group liked the more Euro stuff, but the coffee shop they were in was awful: dark, small tables, crowded.

Eclipse Chocolate in South Park has a game night on Tuesdays. Darn it, we should have gone tonight. Oops.


I’ve been and I’d certainly go back (I’m in Los Feliz so it’s nice and close).


I thought Eclipse was a once a month thing, but their calendar says it’s every Tuesday. Sweet! (Pun intended.) I’ve been scheduling after-work games on Tuesdays, but maybe a change of venue or alternating weeks could work.


Throwing myself out there as somebody in the LA area, and generally down to play board games!


Sorry, got busy with work. I’m out towards the Inland Empire a lot, and there are some good meetups in the La Verne/Claremont/Upland area. There are also some on the westside. There’s one in Westwood every other Tuesday.


@pattersonjeffa FYI, some coworkers and I are planning to go to Eclipse tomorrow night. Sorry this isn’t much notice.

Edit: due to a pet emergency, I probably won’t be at Eclipse tomorrow.

I’ve twice emailed Game Empire about an RPG and have only received silence. Even a “Sorry, we don’t stock that, best of luck” would be fine. Doesn’t really make me want to give them my custom or hang out in their store.


Sorry to hear. Best of luck.

I would be interested if I were in town for work, but it’s hard to say when I’d be able to make it.


Eclipse is tough for us, as we really can’t go out during the week.

We’re thinking of trying a weekend club here in the park (we live in a fairly nice mobile home park). At least publish a notice and see what sort of response we get.


Hey, all. I’m in La Cañada, north of LA by a few miles and next door to Pasadena. The closest game store I’m aware of is Game Empire, but I know there is a game group that meets one Tuesday night a month at Angel City Brewery downtown/little Tokyo area. Anyway, I’d be up for the occasional game meet-up if anyone’s interested.