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San Diego / SoCal


Just seeing if there is anyone in San Diego or the southern California area.


With the influx of new users after the site revamp, giving this a bump.


In socal, but a “bit” out of your way (orange county)


It’s a start. Driving to work takes me, oh… 20% of the way to Orange County. Nice to meet you.


Hello there! I’m in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area in southern California.


Not sure if there’s still visibility on this thread but the wife and I are in San Diego and always on the lookout for more folks to boardgame with.


I’m still in San Diego, in the North Park area to be exact. Want to meet up some time? I’ve been mostly gaming with coworkers at occasional game nights we organize.


Us too. We’ve got a group that just finished Pandemic Legacy and we’re moving onto Seafall starting tomorrow and I’ve got some friends we’re meeting up with at their home next weekend for M.U.L.E., Galaxy Trucker and possibly Scythe. We’re open the following weekend though. We’re also not averse to weekday nights but sometimes the wfie’s work has her late.

What did you have in mind? Meetup at Villainous Lair or something? Our ‘go to’ is At Ease Games in Miramar since they also have a Barrel Harbor beer attached. We usually reserve a table on that side so we can have some libations while we game. Any particular games you’re trying to bring to the table?


Lancaster, CA here… Still kind of far away but nice to meet you!


Lancaster isn’t terribly far out there. Nice to meet you too!


Wait, Lancaster? I live in Lancaster, CA too!


New user here. Live in West LA, work in Irvine, often in Claremont area. Play games at Dice House Games in Fullerton.


Oooh, Dice House. My go-to when passing in or around LA. Sometimes even the main destination. Best selection in SoCal in my not so humble opinion. Store isn’t that big but man do they pack a lot into that space. If they were any closer, I’d probably be in there weekly. Alas, it’s a 2 hour drive on a good day… sigh.


As a North Hollywood resident, I too would like to throw my hat into this ring. Have any of you been to the Game Haus in Glendale?


While the games at SHUX were fun, the best part was meeting nice people to play them with. So once again bumping this thread to facilitate SoCal pearple finding each other.


I have recently come upon a copy of TI4. Any interest in making this SoCal meet up a reality?


I know that most SUSDers aren’t in the LA/OC area, but I found a used copy of Sidereal Confluence, and I’m looking to put together a game on a Sunday at the Dice House in Fullerton. I don’t know if it’d be worth the drive out for some of you, but I wanted to post here in case anyone was interested.

I also found a copy of Chinatown, so we could give that a shot if Sidereal sounds like it’s too much…


I met a couple people from San Diego, Joe and Amy, at SHUX, but I apparently wrote down the wrong forum name. So bumping this thread for other pearple in San Diego.


I met Diego, a student from San Diego. I’m in Los Angeles, but I’m in San Diego for work from time to time. Where do you guys play? Game Empire?


I currently play with my coworkers after work or at people’s homes. I’m looking to branch out and meet new people, but I don’t know much about local gaming spots, sorry.