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Root at SHUX


My copy of Root came so I will bring it at some point to SHUX. It is only the base game though. Not quite sure the best way to organize meeting up with interested folks to play but will figure something out either in this thread or the organized BGG game thread. Someone mentioned discord but I’ve yet to use that platform (although I use slack, WhatsApp, LINE) but could easily use that if there is a “area/channel” for SHUX.


I’m going to throw my Interested hat in the ring. I would like to play this as a total newbie, but willing!


Couldn’t get our game group together this last weekend for Root, but I did set it up and went through the walkthrough for the 4 factions and was very impressed with it

It’s very likely I’ll be bringing this with me to shux all three days and I should get it played by our group this coming weekend so I’ll be more comfortable teaching it


I’m 9 games in and itching to play more. My copy will be with me at SHUX. Sadly no expansion, but still happy to teach. Honestly, even 4 players gets a little crowded. I feel like it plays best with 3 (or even 2!)


Just throwing another hat in the “definitely want to play and ready to learn but don’t have a copy” column!


I am certainly interested in playing, as I mentioned in the other thread. Whilst I haven’t played myself (so probably shouldn’t teach) I have watched a few rules run throughs and play throughs on the YouTube, so I at least have a general idea of the different factions and overall mechanics. Perhaps I can be an assistant teacher if required!


Quite a lot of interest! My goodness! If you have a copy of Root with you at SHUX and are willing, will you meet at the main entrance to the big theatre at 12:30 Friday (just after the keynote)?

There will be 3 of us there are that point looking to at least learn to play (if not try our hand at a game).

Thank you in advance


Don’t have a copy but wanting to join someone’s game, too! Though there seems to be far more interested than copies of games. :smiley:

I’ll try to make this meeting to see about setting up future games.


I’ve played maybe 10 games of Root at this point and really like it. I think I’ll set up somewhere on Saturday or Sunday and teach it for several hours - which should be enough for many games. I’ll post here with location and time once I get my bearings at the con.

Sadly I just have the base game but for first timers the otters can make things a little tricky anyway.


I should set up my copy next to you when you do this so you can teach two groups at once :wink: I’ve played it twice so far but have not used the vagabond yet (3 player games)

I’m not sure I’m solid with the teach yet simply because of that, however I do have the other three factions down fairly well. Can’t wait for shux!


I posted in the BGG organized play thread that “since I want to try Sidereal Confluence at 1430 and hit the RPG panel at 1730, I think it’s best if I try and meet earlier in the day for Root. Thus, I propose meeting been the Frosty and Toasty areas near the Whale workshop at 11:30 on Friday” after the opening speeches.

I have the base game only so we will be limitted to 4 player games. I have played it once now so hopefully that will help with the teach.

I am bald with glasses. You can find a picture of me on the SUSD intro thread here:

My photo :slight_smile:


I can bring my copy as well! I don’t have the expansions though, so spots will be limited. I’ll probably be there Saturday morning and evening as well as Sunday from around noon onwards.


Surprise! The board game library actually has several copies with the expansion!!! Thanks to all who are bringing copies as well as I’m sure they’ll be constantly checked out!


Any chance someone with the game is available to teach this play tomorrow with myself and three other people? My wife and I can double up with a faction so the game owner can play as well as teach us. :slight_smile:

We would be very grateful, just let me know a time of availability and we will work our schedule around it. Thanks in advance.


My gf and so are looking to play Root this weekend, as well! Let me know if anyone has a game that needs two more!


I brought my own copy of Root and played three games in a row today with folks. I’d love to play a bunch more.

I’ll be around the open gaming area tomorrow again, probably bringing my copy of Root again.

I’m pretty easy to spot: I have rainbow colored hair. My name is Mark.


Thanks for letting me play with you, Mark!


I had hella fun playing Root with many different folks the past two days!

I’m going to try to get to the hall early so I can get in some more games before I have to get to the airport for my 3pm flight.

Hope to see a few more folks tomorrow!


As one of the groups who got to play with you (horribly bungling the Eyrie faction), thanks so much for providing the game and teaching us! It was a lot of fun!


Friday I managed to learn and run Root twice. Not bad, though I still want to try the Riverfolk.