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Root at SHUX


I’m intrigued by Root which is clearly getting a lot of attention right now but since it appears to be sold out everywhere except Canada, I’m hoping maybe a Vancouver local has access to a copy?
I mostly just want the chance to play a game of it at SHUX but I’m traveling with a group of 4 so I’m seeking someone who could loan me their copy OR has access to a copy I could buy off of them!

Thank you for any assistance you can give! I know Leder still is allowing orders shipping to Canada but based on their feedback, they can’t guarantee arrival in time for SHUX so I’m looking for someone who already has a copy or has access from a local game store.


I too would love to try out root.


I am a local and I have ROOT pre-ordered and it’s supposed to get to me before SHUX. If it arrives before SHUX, I will definitely bring it to play!


I’ll bring my copy!


You guys rock! Once it gets closer I’d love to arrange a time to cross paths


I have an interest is ROOT as well, if there’s any opportunities… But I’m having a hard time commiting to any games just yet! I’d really like to see the con schedule before planning anything.

But I’d also like to give it a try at some point, for whatever that’s worth…


I’m in the same boat. Want to know the schedule before committing to anything. Also, my wife and two of our friends will be coming along. While I know I am not obligated to spend the entire weekend with them and only play games together, I would like to discuss such things with them before agreeing to anything ahead of time.

That said, I’d REALLY like to play Root at some point during the con.


Just another “me too” reply - I’d be interested in playing a game, too. Hopefully there’ll be a copy that we can get together and play.

On an unrelated note, I found out that SHUX runs from 8 AM to 2 AM - I’m somewhat annoyed that they’re cutting into my gaming time… :slight_smile:


Please do us all a favour and shower and sleep! The last convention I was at ran 24 hours a day and I’m pretty sure those two activities were skipped by a sizable chunk of the crowd!
I, for one, am happy to see a “forced” 6 hour a day break!


I’ll bring my copy if I can fit it in the bag. Maybe I’ll check a bag.


Ha ha ha! Touche! Though I don’t know that a 6-hr shower will do me any good. Maybe I should start practicing bathing between now and SHUX. :slight_smile:


Ah, always good advice for conventions–don’t forget to be an actual human being. You need sleep, and food, and yes, to remain socially presentable.

I’m gonna hazard a guess that a strong majority of SHUX attendees will have this down–but a reminder never hurts!


my copy of root arrived on monday, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be bringing that to shux at least one of the days


Myself, my wife, and our two friends are very interested in giving Root a go. Hopefully we can get together with someone who owns it (and the expansion for the extra player) sometime during the con and have a go. I’m sure it’d help to have someone familiar with the game teach it, and I have a feeling it’s going to be checked out of the game library pretty constantly, assuming there’s one it it.


I only have the base game, would be interested in trying the expansion but I’m going to have to wait for the next printing to get my hands on that


Hi y’all! Anyone interested in trying our new GeekList for organized play? Not sure if this’ll be a thing or not but we figured we’d give it a shot! https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/246311/shux18-community-organized-play


In Australian vernacular, a Root is a euphemism for, well, an adult past-time.

Seeing the title of this post made me think momentarily that Shux must be very friendly indeed!

I’d be quite keen to give the boardgame Root a go with some pending friends! I will refrain from making saucy commentary in an Aussie accent while doing so. It’s only kind.


I remember hearing about this back when Mel Gibson’s movie Payback was in theaters. The tagline of “Get ready to root for the bad guy,” had to be changed in Australia for the above reason.


In my experience the first year, folks at Shux seemed like they were respecting the Sleep and Shower rule.
I think the everyone would prefer if that continues to be the case.

Also, I have a copy of Root, and can bring it to the con.


It also made news at the 2000 Sydney Olympics when Canada’s uniform was sponsored by Roots Canada: