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Lodgings are expensive! Let’s share some costs!
This thread is for people seeking room mates at Shux 2019

Hi All!

I’m Sidney, 28yo non-binary femme boardgamer from Rhode Island USA, solo traveling to Vancouver for an extended weekend (flying in Thurs Oct3, flying out Mon Oct7)

I’m looking to split the cost of a hotel room or AirBnB, cos damn $200/night gets expensive for a $150 con (if you have different travel dates, I can be flexible re:room cost sharing).

I prioritize having other queer folx as roommates if possible but I think I’d be pretty comfortable with whoever so long as they have basic human decency haha.
There are some pretty sweet Air BnB’s downtown and it’d be great to lock one down early.

This’ll be my first board game convention, and it’s a bit of a self-birthday present (I turn 29 on Shux Sunday!)
I’ve been to Vancouver once before and I am super excited to go back!
I plan on renting a bicycle on Thursday and ride around Stanley Park.

Reply below if you too will be looking for roommates!
and/or PM me to see if we’d be good roomies
It’s never too early to have your plans planned out :slight_smile:


Not looking for roommates but I can let you know about a cheap hotel. It’s the Patricia and it’s unfortunately located on East Hastings but I stayed there last year and had no issues with the neighbourhood at all (other than just the despair around).

I just booked again for this year and it was $305 for four nights. If you need people to walk with back and forth, I can probably make arrangements.

I too will be looking for a place to stay.

I’ve booked a 3-bed private room in a hostel from Wed 2 Oct to Tue 8 Oct at 110 CAD/night, which is fairly inexpensive though note the restrooms are common to the floor. This will be my 3rd SHUX, and a number of regulars on this forum know me to be pretty easy going. The only requirement I have for roommates is no noise louder than keyboard/mouse sounds when I’m trying to sleep, including no snoring. I want to be well-rested to enjoy the convention. :slight_smile:

Something came up and my roommate for the Marriott Pinnacle had to cancel, and I have budgeted specifically for splitting costs there! I would super appreciate it if somebody could take their spot and stay with me for the weekend – room is booked for 4 nights Thursday through Monday) and the total cost is about 1000 Canadian (which obviously is quite a bit, which is why i’ve been looking to cut the costs in half). Last year I actually split the costs three ways, reducing it even more.
Please please please hit me up if you still need a room, or even just want to share the room for a couple of the nights and we can talk about it. Message me here or on Discord. (RobustLaser#0095)

Also willing to accept if anybody, say, only needs a room for some of these nights and only would want to have to split costs on the nights they’d need them, or if fully half is a bit much we can talk a bit about me taking on a bit more – this close to the convention I’m looking to try and maintain at least a little bit of my financial planning on this front.

Interested for 3 nights Fri night to Sunday night let me know