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Roll Player PBF #1

I’m easy without M&M included, just thought it was worth considering if we had a 5th to join in. Keeping it to the base game does streamline things though. Also I’ll add I’m totally fine with you playing and running things. I promise I can roll worse than you can cheat anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The rules make sense, though I’m already dreading screwing up my tableau. No preference on whether we use M&M.

Remember this is a big fancy roll and write, no matter what anyone tells you. You ARE going to mess up your tableau. But you’ll have options to “fix” things (whatever that may look like) right to the bitter end.

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I know. Just getting my excuses in early. :slight_smile:

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OK, looks as if I’m player #4.

In this implementation of the game, the character sheets are fixed, so you can’t choose your preferred side. This doesn’t affect gameplay.

We draw for unique class colours.
@VictorViper - Blue
@jgf1123 - White
@MinuteWalt - Green
@RogerBW - Purple

With a choice between Bard and Monk, I’ll take Monk - after discarding a card from the Market, you may take any Attribute Action. Screenshots for the rest of you to follow shortly.

@jgf1123, Cleric or Paladin.

@VictorViper, Wizard or Sorcerer.

@MinuteWalt, Ranger or Druid.

I’ll take Wizard.

Ranger seems like the easier choice, but if any of the other players think that Druid will benefit our team better, I can go that way. I’ll just say Ranger for now until everyone’s chimed in.

You can benefit the “team” by taking the crappy dice for us. Otherwise you do you. :kissing_heart:

[EDIT] Actually I guess the answer changes if we want to take our peppy heroes into a PBF RPG.

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(Wizard has good $$, that’s why I’m on the edge about Ranger)

I think you’ll find the Druid (potentially) more consistently beneficial for a first play.

Good point. If I can absorb the sh!t RNG that seems like a decent role for surviving this.


If you end up making choices that see you end up with a bunch of skills I take no responsibility. :kissing_heart:

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I already have “traits” irl, I can deal with getting terrible ones in a PBF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry I sneaky edited - meant skills. Still apply? Heheh.

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Still applies!

(PS: @RogerBW’s done a great job with the images here, I’m totally buying this game when it’s back in stock)

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We should take this outside. Just realized we’re in the thread proper.

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