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Roll Player PBF #1

Right. So you can (and should) now all allocate your dice. You don’t get Attribute Actions for these; if you fill a row you get 1 gold.

RogerBW allocates:

white 5 to strength, gold 1 to con, gold 2 to int

3 dice, not 8?

VictorViper allocates:

Red 1 WIS, Red 5 CHA then Purple 1 CHA

Bah, good point. Hold on a mo and I’ll draw a bunch more and re-post.

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Oh my word, a Human Chosen One Paladin sounds so generic fantasy. Also, these rolls are literally middle of the road.

Starting dice:

Blue 3 to INT, Gold 4 to WIS, Gold 3 to CHA

@VictorViper revised dice.

@jgf1123 revised dice

@MinuteWalt revised dice

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And my own, placed.

but maybe you don't need to see that

I’ll take: Red 1 WIS, Black 6 CHA, Purple 1 CHA, Green 5 INT, Green 2 CON, Red 5 DEX.

That’s 6 out of 8…

Whoops, yep. Blue 2 DEX, Purple 3 STR

Initial dice:

STR - Blue 6
DEX - Blue 3
CON - Gold 4, Black 6
INT - Gold 3
WIS - Black 3
CHA - Red 4, Purple 1

INT-6 white
WIS-4 and 5 blue
STR -both yellow 2
DEX-both purple 3
STR-3 black

Let me know if I’m doing this wrong, I always mess up in new games at first.

Well, it’s not wrong, but

a hint

looking at your Hunter background, you get points for a purple die in DEX slot 3, a black die in DEX slot 2, and a white die in WIS slot 2, all of which you’ve now blocked off with other colours. You may be able to fix that with attribute actions later on, but those are pretty precious, and this may not be what you intended.

Indeed. I know I suck at this, I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Also, I am a Druid.

Actually, you’re a Dwarf Soundrel Druid Hunter. :kissing_heart:

Hunter is your background and those coloured pips refer to the colour of die you want to try to place in the assigned slot.


I’ll have all of you know that in real life, I am an average sized 5’11" man, and not a hunter, even though I am as beardy as a dwarf, and also a scoundrel. The druid thing is still a question, I have a divinity license (technically I am “The Reverend Justin Moore”) so it could go either way.

(If anyone here wants me to officiate at their wedding, (or also funeral but we’re not going to go on about that) SU&SD members get a 100% discount. I only charge $15 in most cases, and if there’s an open bar I waive my fee anyway).


I am keeping my dice as-is. Even though it’s to my detriment, I don’t want to clog up the game with AP due to me just being bad at this.