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Roll Player PBF #1

I already have “traits” irl, I can deal with getting terrible ones in a PBF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry I sneaky edited - meant skills. Still apply? Heheh.

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Still applies!

(PS: @RogerBW’s done a great job with the images here, I’m totally buying this game when it’s back in stock)

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We should take this outside. Just realized we’re in the thread proper.

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There is no discussion thread right now, I think.

Also, I’m not envying @jgf1123’s choice right now, we got off easy.

You Liked the post where I announced it. :slight_smile:

State of play as I understand it:
MinuteWalt: Druid
VictorViper: Wizard
jgf1123: Cleric/Paladin

I would remind you that this isn’t a co-op and you are not trying to build a balanced party. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the reminder, I’m going on 3 hours of sleep and still working, my brain isn’t at 100%.


I think I’ll go Paladin as I feel like gold is tight in this game (when do you ever have enough money?). But I’m not relishing two attributes that need to be exactly 17.

(BTW, I’m in PST time zone.)

@VictorViper: your starting dice are red 5, red 1, purple 1.

@jgf1123: your starting dice are blue 3, gold 3, gold 4 (added 4 gold to your bowl).

@MinuteWalt: your starting dice are purple 3, grey 3, gold 2 (added 2 gold to your bowl).

And my own are gold 2, gold 1, white 5 (added 4 gold).

I will also add starting gold (5 for VV and JGF, 6 for MinuteWalt, 7 for me).

Also, you may want to consider the starting market before making your choices. So I’ll post that next.

Right. So you can (and should) now all allocate your dice. You don’t get Attribute Actions for these; if you fill a row you get 1 gold.

RogerBW allocates:

white 5 to strength, gold 1 to con, gold 2 to int

3 dice, not 8?

VictorViper allocates:

Red 1 WIS, Red 5 CHA then Purple 1 CHA

Bah, good point. Hold on a mo and I’ll draw a bunch more and re-post.

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Oh my word, a Human Chosen One Paladin sounds so generic fantasy. Also, these rolls are literally middle of the road.

Starting dice:

Blue 3 to INT, Gold 4 to WIS, Gold 3 to CHA

@VictorViper revised dice.

@jgf1123 revised dice