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Roll Player PBF #1

I’ll run a game of Roll Player, for up to four players. (I don’t mind whether or not I play myself.) I’ll do this with screenshots from Tabletop Simulator, which means all I have to do is set up some standard camera positions.

Sign up below.

It’s all @MinuteWalt’s fault.

Edit: rulebook is here


It is my fault.

Dammit, @RogerBW! This was not my intention, but I suppose I don’t really have a choice now. I need to pay for my sins. I’m in.

(FYI, I don’t totally understand how this game works, like all new games I get involved in. I’ll need some gentle hand-holding in the beginning).

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I was surprised to see people describing it as hard to pick up - granted, I’ve been soaking in TTRPGs for nearly forty years so the terminology isn’t weird to me.

I’ve linked the rulebook above, but to hypersummarise (also to get it clear in my mind because I’ve only played twice):

You are aiming to maximise your score, which is shown as stars.
You get a Class card (choice of two sides), which gives you goal values for the stats. Too high is just as bad as too low. That also defines your favoured colour for Reputation - each die of that colour is worth a star, and armour of that colour will give you a bonus star.
You get a Backstory card, which gives you a set of colours and spaces. The more dice on the final layout match that, the more stars you get.
You get an Alignment card, which shows where you want to end up on that grid.
You get some money. 5+max(playernumber-2, 0) gold.
You get some starting dice, which you place immediately.

In a round:
There are initiative cards equal to players+1; ones that aren’t first or last have one gold on them. First player draws that many dice, rolls them and allocates one per card. Then from the start player clockwise each player takes an initiative card (and its die, and any gold on it). That defines play order when needed.
Each player simultaneously places their die in their stat block, in any row with empty spaces but as far left as possible within that row. Take 2 gold if it was a gold die. Take 1 gold if it was in the third space on a stat row. They MAY take an attribute action for the row they’ve just placed in (and this is allowed to affect the die that was just placed):

  • STR - flip any die
  • DEX - swap any two dice (not open spaces)
  • CON - raise or lower a die value by 1, not below 1 or above 6.
  • INT - choose a die, reroll it, keep old or new value
  • WIS - move your alignment tracker by one space
  • CHA - take a Charisma token, which is worth 1 gold but goes away at the end of the round.

Once that’s done, in initiative card order, each player MAY choose to buy a card from the market. (There are cards equal to players+1, refreshed each round.) Pay that much gold; no more than two hands of weapons. If you don’t buy a market card, choose one to discard and take 2 gold.
Then clean up (the remaining market card is discarded), start player moves left, and start the next round.

Market card types are:

  • Weapon - gives an ongoing ability/bonus. Limited to two hands’ worth (this ain’t Munchkin).
  • Armor - does nothing for you now, but collecting sets gives you a star bonus at the end, and a set in your class colour is worth more.
  • Skill - gives you a special ability, which you can use repeatedly (tap the card to show that you have; you can untap ONE skill card at the end of each round). Each time you use it, it nudges your alignment.
  • Trait - nudges your alignment when you buy it, and gives you a star bonus at the end if you meet the condition.

Once everyone’s grids are full (15 rounds), add up the scores.


I have a feeling I’ll need to start rolling to get the hang of it.

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No question about that. It’s dirt simple mechanically, but you’re always spoiled for choice, so it can be slow going in the beginning. Lots and lots of choices to mull over while you work out an optimal path.

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Does that mean you’re in with the PBF, Victor?!?!

Sure could be but I’m on phone exclusively so I’m not sure how it’d work.


As long as you can zoom in on the images I’d think it ought to be doable.


I haven’t played before but I’d like to give the game a whirl. Thanks for doing this.


Alright. Count me in - although if we fill up and there’s someone who hasn’t played before I’ll bow out to make room.

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So, Victor, jgf, and myself are signing up, and assuming Roger is going to be the runner and not a player(?) we’d need one more sucker to sign up to make it the 4-player game it should be.

I’ll also echo @VictorViper’s statement, if someone else wants in, I’ll bow out in deference of any taker (I’m curious, but I also have things… aw, who am I kidding. I’m kind of screwed, @RogerBW made this thread because I made an off-hand comment, I really don’t have a choice).

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Or are we using Monsters & Minions, thus making room for one more?

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In any thread, I’m of the mind that the creator, the OP, is the primary mod of their own topic, something that @tengblad illustrated to me a looong time ago. What do you say @RogerBW?

I think we’re all friends here. I’m quite happy for other people to do the admin if I happen to be, for example, going to the post office to post four boxes of games. :slight_smile:

The only downside to my being a player is that I could in theory manipulate the rolls, and look through and stack the market deck, within TTS. I mean, I’m not going to, but I would say that wouldn’t I?

@VictorViper, I was assuming base game only - don’t know how other people feel about this.

Here are some screenshots (scaled down to 1280×720). All visible?


OK, too small. How about this, uploaded at original 3840×2160?

… that looks better. And if there’s only one image per post, you can click once to get the image, then click again to zoom in.

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I can definitely read the last image, thanks.

They look good, and the last one is legible for the card text. Should we have a back-channel/discussion thread, though, where we can read plain-text and talk about the rules without disrupting the game-flow?

I admit, I can read the last image’s cards, but not well.

(fine, I’m old, but my glasses are very good and my optometrist says I have great visual acuity for my prescription and my age. Take that you young punks!)

I tend to think in terms of a single thread per game, but if you think it’s sensible that’s fine with me.

Your game, you are the boss.

I tried to get a physical copy for home, it helps when I can get my hands on a game, it was $60 bucks (too much for me until I get my paycheck, honestly par for course for a good game, it’s not that bad) but it was sold out when I checked this morning.

(EDIT: :facepalm: Another example of SU&SD getting me to try to spend money I don’t have, and then making me regret being frugal just because I’m broke)

OK then!

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