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Roll Player PBF #1 discussion

You said machine room and I instantly went into a Willy-Wonka"ish"-type fantasy about a room full of robots and 3D printers and high tech engines. Computers all over the place.

Druids: can be good
Druid hunters: evil
Scoundrel druid hunters: good?

Only the one 3D printer, four servers (and the UPS), one reasonably chunky desktop PC (with three screens). Plus all the spare parts to keep everything running, and my post-room supplies.

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Missing: robots!

Throw in some remote-control cars or helicopters, or maybe a drone, and that will fulfill my fantasy of the magical world you live in.

Only the one drone that’s working, and it’s not up to much - strictly fly-by-hand. I have plans, but nothing that’s come to pass yet.

Meanwhile, you are in the magical land of Florida. (I’ve read quite a bit of Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey.) You can make all the excuses you like for not being around for a few hours, but I know it’s because you had to fight off a guy with a Weed Whacker™ for a right arm.

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I personally would use the gas-powered hedge trimmer over the Weed Whacker, but only because our chain saw needs some work (chain oil, cleaning out the carb, etc). We have a lot of potentially dangerous lawn and landscape equipment.

It is Florida, after all, we have a lot of Nature. Nature is constantly trying to invade the house, kill us, or impress us with how beautiful it all is. Petrol fueled power tools are just as important as the electric screwdrivers.

At least it’s not Australia!
(we have several Australian members who are cool as heck, consider this to be my shout-out to them)

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Just waiting for @MinuteWalt to confirm initial dice placement.

My bad, sorry.

Leave it as-is, I will eat my mistakes for the good of game-flow.

I just took a yellow whiz and it made me a better person.

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Don’t worry. It looks like you at least have a plan, going for the Obnoxious trait. I just saw a white die with a gold and said I’ll have it, but I have no idea what I’m going to do with all these 3’s and 4’s. Maybe I should have taken the green 1.


I normally always go for the Obnoxious trait in real life!

I don’t know why that hasn’t been effective. I mean, being a mod here has been the best job I’ve ever had, but no one pays me.

I should probably reconsider the choices I’ve made in my life :grin:

@MinuteWalt - just wanted to get back to your earlier question about why one shifts alignment and to what end:

Alignment is mostly adjusted by traits and skills. Thematically, your outlook and actions dictate who you are and what you’re likely to do. Mechanically, there are two things to note in particular.

  1. Traits adjust your alignment in one direction (dictated by the card) when you acquire them, and not again.

  2. Skills adjust your alignment in one direction (dictated by the card) when you use them, and can be used repeatedly, adjusting alignment with each use. You may not use a skill if you cannot move your alignment further in the direction the card demands (there is no lawfulest mostest evilest).

From a practical standpoint you want to end the game on your +3 or +1 zones, or at the very least to avoid the -3 and -1 zones. A savvy skill combo will compliment one another with opposite alignment effects, i.e. a skill shifting alignment left with one shifting right. This allows controlled manipulation in the sweet spot, so you can get the points and use your perks as much as you can.

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Thanks, VV. That was better than the online rules text.

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The rules are smartly written insofar as they are universal, but cold. There is an awful lot of theme baked into the numbers in this game, meaning the benefit of intuition goes a really long way to parsing the tremendous amount of choice you have at a given moment. Not having physical access to our boards and the game state at a glance is making it tough to not just figure out where the points’ at and git yer maths on, instead of the usual “Whoa, my Ravenous Headsman is totally going rogue and nabbing that heart of gold trait!”.


I keep checking to see if there’s a physical game available in my region, I think that would help my own flavor of “learning disorder.”

Honestly, these days it seems like we’re all somewhere on some kind of “spectrum.” I’m not sure what magical rainbow I’m a color in, but reading some rules are difficult for me, as is being able to toss an empty water bottle in a recycling bin 3 feet away, but I can still solve Perplexus mazes and catch small random objects before I realize I’m doing it, I can do the Knight’s Tour in Chess, and I can remember the price of raw wheat, flour, and horses, etc., from a DM’s guide published decades ago (they haven’t changed all that much. Inflation doesn’t really exist in D&D). I’m pretty good at 8-ball, 9-ball, and suffleboard, too.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I do know what’s right. (And a lot of that is knowing everyone here, being able to hang out with you all, and my family and irl friends. Sorry for being sentimental out of nowhere, I just wanted to get that off my chest).


Too late, I was confused before this game started :crazy_face:

Hey is trash-talk allowed in this game? Can I (just as an example) try to talk @jgf1123 into something that’s clearly a bad idea? I won’t, I still don’t get the game clearly enough to do that right now.

I’m asking because this was a contentious point in other games, including several iterations of the Codenames PBFs (where it is very much encouraged as long as you’re not one of the people who can’t talk, part of one of the Spy teams and not a Master), and also I don’t know how silly I can get before players find me really annoying.

And yes, I know I’m already annoying people here, no one has to remind me.

(PS EDIT: by “trash-talk,” I meant just trying to mess with people’s decisions by suggesting things that sound good, but are bad, in order to throw them off, not actually insulting them. You can mix that up with actually helpful advice to really throw everyone off their game. I like misdirection, but being mean spirited is kinda sucky and for jerks. I even have a hard time cussing here (although sometimes I do let it flow freely if I feel strongly, we are 98% adults here according to the stats. I just think some words lose their power when they’re overused)).

It’s kind of alien to me because a fair bit of my gaming is teaching people. So I’m probably very bad at it.

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As an example: I would often suggest “Skyscraper” as an answer to the opposing team in Codenames even if it wasn’t on the board and had nothing to do with the Codemaster’s clue. One game was lost by the other team because it actually was one of their cards and they just didn’t want to pick it because it had become a running gag.

As long as we don’t try to mis-explain and are always honest about the rules, and are never insulting or being jerks, can we tease each other about our next actions?

(Heck, you may have been in that session @RogerBW, I’m not sure, it was a long time ago)

I have no objection but it’s up to the other players.

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