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Roll Player PBF #1 discussion

To keep the main game thread relatively clean of chat…

I’ll close recruitment at 11:08 UK time tomorrow, 24 hours after I posted the thread. One space left, folks.


Hey so here was a quirk that came up in our second game together: my girlfriend on the second play was using the attribute modifiers to adjust her attribute goals. This made the game way more complicated and forced her to make some big corrections, but we caught it in time that it didn’t ruin her game. Attribute modifiers simply add to the dice totals. So, for example:

You have a 6, 5 and 4 in your strength attribute, which has a +2 modifier, and an attribute goal for strength of 17. That’s 6+5+4+2= 17. Yahoo!

Using the same figures, she had been doing 6+5+4=15, on an attribute goal of 19 (17+2).

Needless to say that made her perks challenges and vice-versa, and you can see how this could have gotten bad by late game. Anyway not something I expect would come up, but that’s what I thought when it happened, too.

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I will fight you tomorrow, or at least in 8 hours, I need to sleep now, my boss can go f-off

I am still loopy from lack of sleep (my sister was in the hospital, but is now sleeping comfortably on the couch (it’s an Amazing couch. Seriously, it’s incredible)) and I have still been working my online job. But I promise you I will incompetently try to slap you silly with dice.

I know that doesn’t make sense, please refer to my earlier statement about hospital and no sleep.


Sleep is for wimps. Happy, healthy, well-rested wimps, but still wimps.

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OK, next step is for me to set up classes and deal your alignment, backstory and initial dice. I’ll do that as soon as I’ve been to the post office with the latest batch of remailed games.

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Oh! Hot tip that will definitely be useful: the opposite sides of a standard d6 always sum to 7.


Phew! First time I’ve used TTS for a PBF, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Saved camera views!


Thank you again for handling the TTS for all of us!

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And an Arbiter alignment at that…

I’m kind of taking “multiplayer solitaire” to extremes today…


Incidentally, I’m going to try to remember to change the digital score counters to show your current gold level. In TTS you can mouse-hover over a stack and see how much is in it, but that’s trickier with just the static images.

Analysis paralysis! Be glad you aren’t here to hear me mumbling at my screen.

Edit edit: @MinuteWalt Hope your sister gets well soon!

(That was social blunder…)

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Er, that’s @MinuteWalt’s sister. I have no excuse except Too Hot.

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My sister’s OK for now. She had a good nap on the couch and is back with my brother-in-law, who is a cool guy and I’m totally envious of his Lego collection.

That’s no way to talk about my sister! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I always suck at new games to begin with, I appreciate the patience of all of you when I totally inevitably screw up.

This is also true for a lot of other dice as well! The opposite sides of a D20, for example, should always add up to 21! :smiley:

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So backstories give us another piece of the puzzle to squeeze in, but am I missing something about how a backstory like Chosen One translates to this particular pattern of dice?

Nope. That one seems purely for the added scoring challenge and the flavour text. You might be able to draw conclusions from it if you get really esoteric but I haven’t bothered to dive in. :wink:

[EDIT] My character has Patrician for a backstory and I have a black class die in my strength goal. Maybe there was an assassination attempt in my past, something I overcame with pure brawn?

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That’s what I figured.

My home internet cut out again, so I may be slow responding over the weekend.

My laptops aren’t quite up to running TTS, so I need to be in the machine room to do updates - which I shan’t be between about 1pm and some time late this evening [UK time].

I have in any case been tacitly assuming BGG Resistance rules: no deadlines at weekends, though updates are still welcome. Not that we’re having deadlines anyway, but I shan’t be chivvying people until Monday.

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