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Role playing games such as D&D

Is there much in the way of Role playing games at SHUX? I don’t see a way to submit events to run on the main page.

The place to organize an RPG session is probably here (or on the SU&SD or Cool Ghosts discords). The SHUX events page is for big events that will occupy a stage or large section of the floor in the convention hall. But a lot of the space at the con is reserved for people to play games, including running RPG sessions. But it may be hard to get a D&D session by just raising a Players Wanted balloon during the con, but if you can find some people here or on discord who are interested, you can probably arrange a time for a session.

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@jgf1123 is totally right. (I mean, you can’t argue with the Bunburyist. This is a person who knows what’s up).

Also remember, earlier is always better if you want to get a slot in. Unless you already have other friends who will be there (“nepotism” isn’t necessarily a bad word when we’re all being friendly) try to find a place now.

Or to be honest, for an RPG, the crowd is generally friendly, you can always do things off-the-books with people you meet, and then outside of the event play a game, as well.

Thanks. It’s unfortunate that smaller events (6-8 player)can only be pickup games. I put a lot of work into my DMing/GMing and so would only attend if it could be posted as an actual event the players could sign up for ahead of time and a table was set aside for it.

Maybe SHUX isn’t for me.

Hey, I’ve attended 2 shuxes, attended rpgs in the first, and ran one the second. The first year someone made an app for scheduling games and signing up for games. It worked and was great. SHUX 2 we had a thread on BGG for planning games and signing up for games beforehand. It worked just fine as well, and you’ll have no problems getting people to sign up whenever that thread is started. Everyone’s game for some roleplaying, in my experience. Especially just making a topic here would probably have your slots filled up asap.

There was an actual dedicated RPG area last time that was never full, so I think you don’t have to worry about physical space, or booking a physical spot.

I don’t think SHUX is in the cards for me this year, but playing and gm-ing D&D there was one of the coolest experiences of my life.


As @Sagantine mentioned, the first year there was an app where people could post games and people could sign up. However, that was a volunteer project and took a lot of time; I think he spent part of the con fixing things instead of playing games. So people have been finding other solutions to arranging events.

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Oh, and they do officially post the sign-up thread when it is set up (or whatever method is used this year), so it can be found by anyone.

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SHUX is for everyone.

There’s this, too, Games Library and Looking-For-Group Lounge (scroll down from this link).

Don’t let this keep you from attending!

I can’t attend because I was born in Guam and can’t get a g-d passport to get to Canada and the US has become bananas. It’s been years now…grrrr…sorry, this is a totally different rant…


There was a thread on BGG? Why there and not on the SHUX forum?

I disagree. SHUX is not for jerks.

WHAT!!! NOOOOOO… Do you at least have an idea of when you might get your birth certificate?


Interesting responses. Thank you all.

I confess that my view may be screwed because it’s my prior experience and that maybe the less formal nature of SHUX is fine.

However, It just seems to me that a basic function of CON organizing is to provide event registration and table location. Leaving it to the GMs to worry about seems inefficient and adds more work and unneeded stress to both GMs and players.

It was weird to me that they chose to make thread in bgg, but I guess there’s more people registered there than here?

I would prefer official endorsement of our own forums, naturally.

It’s quite different from other cons. I wonder if the Meetups functionality on the SHUX (Fanguru) app would work for organizing games/RPGs.

Shall we ask @lis ? I don’t know how events are being organised this year.

I signed up for a couple games on the BGG list last year. It was set up as a Geeklist, which is a pretty good way to sort and track games being organized. I liked having a bunch of games being offered in one place, with easily identifiable, separate conversations under each game. To me, that beats cluttering up the forums with dozens of “let’s play X game!” threads.

But I’m also a pretty avid BGGer and rarely here (only here for the SHUX forums) so I’m more than a little biased. :grin:

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Thank you @RossM for the ping! As @jgf1123 and others have mentioned, first year we were gifted the use of app that took a lot of work for the small team who made it.

Last year our Tabletop team set up event scheduling on BGG, they found the format worked well for scheduling games, playtesting, and rpgs. Our forums are the very best (and everything else SHUX is
completely here and Discord) but BGG allows a bit more functionality as people can link directly to games (so people know exactly what they are signing up for) and the threading allows people to respond in separate threads for signups versus everything being in one long one. The new pages for 2019 will be up this weekend, I’ll be sure to post them here as soon as they are up @Marv.

The show app does have a meetup option that some people did use last year but I’m not sure how people found it for organizing anything other board games.

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I’m so sorry to hear that, Walt. I would have loved to have met you.

I will take solace in the fact that since I can’t attend this year either, I won’t be missing out on having the chance to meet you in person.

Gotta find that silver lining somewhere.

@Marv Here it is: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/260621/shux19-community-organized-play


Thanks Lisa!!

I found the show app really clunky last year, don’t know about anyone else.

I’ve run games in both previous SHUXes, and plan to again. In the past, I’ve run FATE, Technoir, and I think straight D&D. I also had a blast playing in @Sagantine’s game, so it’s a bummer you won’t be there.

Let’s definitely find a spot to organize some games this year, too! Because the RPG area was usually pretty open it was easy to find tables, but setting up meeting times for specific games will probably help get things rolling.