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Two of the founding members of PC gaming site Rock Paper Shotgun are leaving soon, so they are having a look back at how the site came to be what it is (2 out of 6 parts are up as of now). RPS is the only video game site I check regularly because they seem to give their writers a good deal of leeway to write about what they want, how they want, and so the writers’ personality and passion comes through.

I actually learned about SU&SD through RPS. This Quinns guy who does the COGWATCH series also reviews board games? And there’s also Paul’s Stardew Valley article which, according to Paul on Twitter, he still gets comments on.

Friend of SU&SD Pip was, I believe, a former editor for RPS, and that’s where I got to know her work, like Pip making her and Alice in Sims 4 or them talking about Cookie Clicker. Both are very Pip, and I was brokenhearted when she left. Pip collected some of her best work here for her last Pipwick Papers column.

Leigh, Matt, and Bratterz have also contributed to RPS, and Brendan is a features editor. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I like the output of SU&SD and RPS and that they have so many people in common.


RPS has long been one of my favorite gaming websites (one which I always have wanted to write for too), and I actually didn’t realize the connection until a few months ago. I guess I follow people I like everywhere without realizing I’m doing it. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


The last two no less.

The two articles written about the founding of the site are really interesting. The ethos of the site has bee echoed by the various contributers over the years, and as you say, there’s a fair overlap with SU&SD (the Solium Infernum series sticks in the memory as one particular example).


Who the hell is this Quinns guy, anyway? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The next thing you’re going to tell us are about people with the unlikely names of Praul and Lees. What kind of rubes do you take us for?!?!