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Representation in RPG's


Ran across this article today, thought y’all would find it interesting.

It’s about the growing number of women in the Dungeons and Dragons fandom. I thought also this could spark a discussion on representation in RPG’s in general.


I don’t know if I really have anything to add to what the article already says. It was a good read, thanks @pattersonjeffa!

One bit did jump out at me, though:

‘To date, the DnD community has largely escaped the backlash other “nerd” pockets have faced when trying to be more inclusive’. According to the article, this is partly because '…the game isn’t prescriptive. While DnD provides a guide, players aren’t forced into playing a certain way… They are welcome to ignore the inclusive direction if they want.

Which is an excellent insight. I’d only ever considered the flip side of that coin. I saw the lack of prescription as encouraging new players, rather than ensuring that more traditional players don’t feel threatened.

Lately I’ve been enjoying hearing more female GMs on actual play podcasts which is just great. Celeste Conowitch (from Venture Maidens) is one of my favourites. If anyone here has a favourite female GM that they’ve come across (in any media, not just podcast), I’d appreciate the heads up, in case I’m missing out on any!


I’ve only seen her DM once, but (the actress) Deborah Ann Woll’s game on Stream of Many Eyes was great! She knows the rules well, but also goes with the flow when players do dumb things. I’d watch a series with her as DM, but I guess she’s too busy with her day job for something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also enjoyed Girls, Guts, Glory (which was mentioned in the article) but I actually liked it more with Kim Hidalgo as the DM than Kelly Lynn D’Angelo even though Kelly is more experienced. I liked that Kim was super nice to her players and their adventures were just very silly and sweet and mostly about nothing, haha.


Oh hey I guess Deborah Ann Woll isn’t too busy to DM her own show.


I’m pretty excited about where representation is headed in RPGs. I’ve been impressed with the Waterdeep cycle of D&D adventures in which there are same sex couples as a matter of normalcy. Getting more women involved not only in streaming but in creating adventures is a goal I am way in support of!