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Recruiting Volunteer Megagame Moderators for SHUX 2019!

Hi all!

My name is Peter Nixon of Minnesota Megagames and I’ll be replacing Seattle Megagames in planning the megagames for SHUX 2019!

Compared to previous years, this year’s designs will put moderators more in the driver’s seat. As such, we’re looking for jovial gamers with a penchant for empathy and GM experience. As moderators, we adjudicate rules, intervene to engage disengaged or overwhelmed players, and in freeform games (like Sickle or Deephaven this year), guide the tone and balance the challenge of the game.

Perks include a free badge, a drink (or pop) on me, and possibly being included in megagames as a player for free if there are spots available (in the case of no shows or undersold tickets). If you’ve been curious about the scene in the past, this is a great opportunity!

You can see the games were moderating in the link below (note spots for Den of Wolves and Sworn to Serve are limited as they don’t require many moderators).

Have questions or concerns? Post em or email me at [email protected].