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Quinns' Official Duskers Thread


they are going to do a hot seat let’s play apperently
so they switch every level
and oh god i bought duskers and played it late at night in the dark
printed this out and taped it to my screen

that’s who I believe i am playing as


I feel waaay closer to this (spoilers for the film ‘Aliens’)




I’m bumping this thread because of the hope that it will be relevant again


I really should give duskers a hurl. Is it one of those games where you need to be in the right state of mind to get the most out of it?


You need to be alone, in a dark room, preferably some time during the 80’s - chain smoking cigarettes is mandatory.


late at night in a dark room with alcohol is how i play it
m-maybe its the way i play all my games
and do my taxes


So I’ve finally taken the Duskers plunge. It’s amazing! But I’m not very good at it.

Had a game where things were going pretty okay until one of my drones was destroyed by a swarm. It had some nice gear, so I had a think about whether it was worth finding a way to tow it back with me until I decided that the swarm was way to dangerous and so I just vented everything into space. Played the rest of the mission with no sign of the swarm. Swept the rest of the ship. All was good.

I don’t know how it happened, but some how the swarm made it onto my drop ship with out me realising. When I went to leave it sprang it’s trap with all my drones stuck in my drop ship. It was heart breaking and terrifying.


Vents man, swarms sneak right through them. Least favourite enemy.


That’s me most nights. But with whisky as well. I guess at heart I’m a 1930s detective. :wink:


With robot friends?


Oh, so that’s what the vents are for. Duskers is cool, but I’m finding that most of the time I’m being wiped by things I just didn’t know about. Knowledge is power? That’s not always satisfying.


All my friends are robots.


The duskers reddit is run by the designer, so you can get good feedback. I urge you to discover the COMMANDEER command.




Dusting this Duskers thread because dusting at dusk for Duskers is not just for elon muskers, thrust us.