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Quinns' Official Duskers Thread


Hi everyone! I’m not sure if you guys are aware but Duskers came out yesterday, and it’s fantastic. It’s so good. It’s SO GOOD.

If you need a little more convincing, this short video I made on it might work? But honestly, everyone I know who’s bought it has loved it. My obsession has actually reached the point where I bought it for a friend this morning.

Obviously we needed a home for sweet dusk-chat on the forum. Who wants a drone named after them in my next game? I’ll let you know what they get up to!


Yes please - seeing myself as a puppet drone picking my way through a post-apocalyptic wasteland sounds a useful how-to guide for the near future.


Perfect. This is you! You’re joining a team made up Matthew The Shitty Generator Robot and LegLeg the Hacking Robot.

PROS: You’ve got a stealth drive and stun mines! And a sonic pulse to drive away organic life forms!

CONS: The sonic pulse is a bit broke. Also you’re a bit broke. And because of your stealth drive you’re the drone I send into the most dangerous places. Updates to follow!


At least I’ll die doing what I loved - being horrifically torn apart by unknown enemies in the darkest and most dangerous places of the world.


Oh man, this looks up my alley. I’m installing it now. I’m on a bit of a post-apocalyptic kick at the moment because I’m playing my way through Fallout 1 (for the first time!).

And I would also like to be remotely controlled into extreme danger.


Really looking forward to giving this one a go - been on my radar since your video. Love how immersive it looks.


Oooh, thanks! I’ve been looking forward to this one :slight_smile:


Oh dear. Last known footage transmitted from MeepleLikeUs:

The stealth drive failed at a really, really bad moment. Enough said. You’ve been replaced in my fleet by @Jagrafess! A spritely (read: small and fragile) little minelayer.


Oh god Jaga got eaten by space-bees. You guys are terrible. I’m not naming any more drones after you.


Think only this of me:

There is some corner of a foreign wasteland that is forever Meeple.

God speed little Drone. God speed.


@quinns, in honour of team SUSD’s continuing difficulties with the word, please create baby drone Segue.


I’m really enjoying it as well! It is so immersive in a counter-intuitively detached way. I love my drones, even if I’m controlling them from a bunker on some distant planet…


Think only this of mOH GOD WHY AM I COVERED IN BEES


Bought It, Love It!

Have shat myself at least twice while playing it.

9/10 ; Would shit again


I also bought it yesterday! I’ve only poked at it for a few minutes yet, but it seems very good!


Bought it yesterday. It’s like FTL meets Space Hulk.

I try to play entirely from the console. I hope that there will be some modding support in future so that I can control the drones from external programs. I work in AI, and often robotics, and all I can think while playing this game is how similar it is to one of our group’s current projects.


I’m loving it so far! Though I do have a horrible and likely incorrect nagging sensation born from years of sci-fit Twists that I’ve been killing survivors when I deal with infestations …


This thread is already the best thing that has come out of cool ghost
and i’m not even drunk yet there’s so much good stuff already


Oh jeez I got the early access build after all the raving about it when it first appeared and did what I always do, which is poke it and go “well, I should wait for more stuff before I burn out”. I should definitely go back now. It seemed unbelievably atmospheric even in its nascent form.


I did the same except I didn’t even poke it, I wanted to support them, but I’m so prone to pre-final release burnout with Early Access, and it seemed like a really special thing, which deserved playing complete.

My first impressions after finally getting some time to sit down with it, is that I’m a scatterbrained and just generally awful drone operator. Couple that with my general jumpiness when confronted with this kind of oppressive atmosphere, and I think I’m going to have a baaaaaaaaaad time.