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Questions about SHUX

I’m contemplating coming to SHUX, but I have questions. First off, there is apparently a limited number of tickets, but when will they run out? (How quickly do I have to decide and convince friends to come?)

My next question or set of questions is more general. I have never been to a gaming convention so I don’t know what to expect. I was surprised by the price. I would expect that for a chance to essentially go to a very large temporary game store and play some games with strangers $20 or so would be a reasonable price. But I guess there is more to it than that.

There are events and panels? What would the panels be about? Talking to a game designer or something? I am a game designer myself and I can’t imagine that being very interesting.

There are seminars? About game design and marketing? About other things? Where is the schedule that shows all the things that will be happening?

I guess there are special games and versions of games that you can’t normally play elsewhere…

I suppose there will be lots of publishers. Will it be mostly salespeople/representatives or would it be a good place to show my games to potential publishers? If so, what is the appropriate way to do it?

I understand there will be a large general gaming area where anybody can play any games that they bring. A main goal if I do come would be just to show my two playable games to strangers, especially my newer one. Additionally it would be nice to try out other games.

I don’t own a lot of games myself but I live in a community where I can regularly play lots of games with other people, which they own, such as Agricola, Caverna, Clans of Caledonia, Terra Mystica, Gaia Project, Terraforming Mars, Root, Scythe, Anachrony, Dominant Species, and on and on. But it is still fun to check out new games.

I like to design games but I am super lazy about trying to market and publish them. I posted on BGG about offering to send out a prototype of my game to whoever wanted to check it out, but nobody responded. (It’s a very complete and balanced game, and I enjoy it. It’s not as complex as most of those games mentioned above though.) Maybe if I met someone at SHUX who was into it, I could lend it to them.

For me, “making friends” just for the sake of making friends would not be a major draw. I have too many friends to keep track of.

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The main draw of SHUX is to play games with awesome people and attend panels by awesome people. Publishers are there mainly to demo their games.

If your primary reason for attending a convention is to demo a game to publishers, check out the cons that have publisher/designer “speed dating” events, or even better, events that are dedicated to game designers to look for publishers or playtesters, like Unpub or one of the Protospiels.


Kind of a weird flex…


MinuteWalt: I read that page already. That’s how I found out about this event. But then I still had questions so I signed up to this forum and asked them.

Tika: Thanks. Good to know that showing games to publishers is not really part of this convention.

lovvbar: What does that mean?

I’m still looking for answers to most of my questions. Thanks.

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The schedule for this year is still probably being worked on. The answer to these questions is yes.
Probably the best way to get an idea of the sort of events that may happen this year is to have a look at last year’s programme: https://www.shutupandsitdown.com/shux-events/

Not sure where you’re coming from, but if you are local to the Vancouver area, then Terminal City Tabletop Convention has a Proto-Alley for showing off games. I’m not sure how many publishers attend that one and it is not a game prototype specific convention. If you’re from eastern Canada, there is ProtoTO, which is a convention specifically for showing and testing your prototypes and it is attended by a number of publishers.

If you are looking for people to try out your game and/or give you feedback on your game (not necessarily publishers), then where I am at least many local game shops and board game cafés have designer nights specifically for that. You may want to check those out, if that is your interest.

Scribbs: That is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks!

timber: Thanks for the tips. But I imagine SHUX would still be a decent place to have strangers try out my games? These aren’t rough ideas I’m talking about. I have two games that have been thoroughly tested countless times with friends over the years, and they have nice components. They are also quite easy to learn.

I’m still wondering about if and when SHUX might be sold out.

Last year I don’t think it was sold out until August or September. They also tend to give updates when tickets are getting low, I think on the podcast.

Not sure if there are more tickets this year than last, but you should have time to convince friends.

You might also be interested in this: http://tiny.cc/aww-shux

We have a thriving game design community in Vancouver, and we’re hosting a little pre-SHUX shindig for them. Join us!


Thanks, unfortunately I missed the deadline to apply for AWW-SHUX. I was on a canoe trip for a week before the deadline and then I was suffering from an injured back after that. I was in the emergency on the day of the deadline. Yeah, I should have applied before the trip, but I was busy with other things. It sounds like there will be other opportunities though? Anything as big as AWW-SHUX before May 2020?

From the name, I thought AWW-SHUX was like the SHUX version of GenCant, heh.

Is there a coat check available at SHUX? Mum told me to dress accordingly to the weather :smiley:

According to the email that went a week ago, you’ll be able to check your games, luggage, and coat all at the same place.

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