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Question On Trying New Games


This is my first time going to Shux, and I’m overwhelming excited to go. I’m looking forward to meeting cool folks and playing cool games with them, which leads me to my question: Are people expected to know the rules of games they’re playing, or are there groups of people trying games that are new to them common?

I figured Shux would be a great opportunity to try out various games that peaked my interest, but I haven’t had the chance to play. However, I don’t want to cause a fuss by trying to start or join a game and being all like “oh by the way, I don’t know how to do what it is we’re all doing.”


Hello and welcome to the forum and SHUX! Quite a lot of people come to SHUX to play games they’ve never played before, making use of the extensive game library, so it will be quite common for groups to teach games to new players. In fact, attendees are encouraged, if they pass by a group struggling with rules of a game they know, to ask if they want help.


When it comes to joining a game, most folks are very welcoming to all, experienced or not. I taught Inis to two new players last year.

The year before my wife and I taught 7 Wonders to three new people. That same year we played Shogun, which three of the players needed to learn, I taught three or four new players Fury of Dracula, and someone else taught five new players how to play Cosmic Encounter. Four of us learned Inis from the owner of the game who saw us working out the rules late on a Saturday night.

Not to mention games that you just pick out of the library at random and have to learn right then and there.

What I am trying to say in way more words than are necessary is you will have no shortage of people willing to teach you any number of games at SHUX. Have fun!

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Last SHUX, every time I sat reading the rules to a game I didn’t know, a helpful stranger would wander by and be like “I love this game, do you know how to play?” and promptly proceed to teach us the rules… OR I’d hover curiously near a game getting set up and the players would wave me in and be super chill about going over the rules. All-around wonderful experience. Cannot overstate how lovely everybody was.


I think if you post a game on the Geek List and offer to run it you’re expected to know the rules (I imagines unless you say you don’t. People were very chill in my experience).

But I didn’t know the rules to, pretty much any game I played last year. The most fun one being having to learn Sidereal Confluence on the fly (no one in our group knew it. We did have a brief explanation from someone who did know it) while a group of us played it, then running a game for people the next day.

Pretty sure lots of people did similar stuff. So if you have a game you want to play, and you don’t know the rules, don’t hesitate to bust it out or try to find people to play. Good chance at least one of the players already knows the rules.

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Also, they have little chalkboards you can use to advertise. “Teacher Wanted” isn’t an uncommon sight.

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Yeah, pretty much what everyone else has said here, people are pretty casual about learning the rules at the show. Lots of people sit down as strangers to play a game no one knows and walk away as friends.

Also, in the main hall with the publishers, there will be people there teaching games to players all day long. You rarely play a full game, but it gives you enough insight to then be able to grab a copy from the library later and sit down and play it.

You’ll find people are excited to play new games and excited to learn those games along side you throughout the weekend.

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Which 3 or 4 games are you interested in playing? Games that you know or games that are new to you?

Thank you everyone for putting my concern to rest. Now I’m even more hyped to go!

@durkinphd I’m mostly interested in playing anything I haven’t played before, but a few games that I’m hoping to play are:
878 Vikings
Bargain Quest
Great Western Trail
Sidereal Confluence


I’d be happy to teach you Root.


I saw many of these games being played at last year’s SHUX and people are very welcoming with teaching (yay, jgf1123!). I haven’t played the games on your list, otherwise I’d offer to include you in some games - I am interested in Root, too :wink:

There is an Organized Play list on BGG: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/260621/shux19-community-organized-play. Sidereal Confluence is looking for players. You can also add games you want to play in the comments.

Happy gaming!

Ooooooh Bargain Quest! I had quite forgot I wanted to find and play that too.

Good List going there.

@jgf1123 Thanks. I guess we can arrange a game.

@Westmontman I don’t see Bargain Quest on the BGG list, but if it’s somehow there, I’ll organize a game.

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I don’t see bargain quest in the library list either but I’m local and would gladly bring it along. Only just played it for the first time and would love to get a few more sessions in.


This one’s near the top of my list for reviewed games I’d like to try.

Oh man Barrage is in the library. That’s at the tip-top of my list of games I want to try.

Sure, just let me know when and where. 3-4 players would be best to get a feel of how the factions interact. I haven’t figured out my luggage space yet, but if there’s room, I can bring my copy.

Jonathan Ying will be at the show, so maybe he will have a copy or two of Bargain Quest with him, you never know!

I’m local and have BQ with the Black Market. I’ll happily lug the little guy in for some action too.


@jgf1123 How about after the forum meet-up after the opening ceremonies? We can see if anyone else there would be interested, then find a table to play.

@VictorViper @Seryn @lentilstew @Westmontman Sounds like we have a group. Any preferences as to when and where?