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PS4 Usernames

Hello Friends - I saw a post for Xbox gamer-tags, but couldn’t see one for PS4 users so I thought I would here.

I’ll start things off, GovernmentTrash is mine :slight_smile:

I am coffeentacos. I don’t typically do a lot of multiplayer stuff unless it’s co-op. (Monster Hunter anyone?)

Mine is the same as my name here. Very little online play (no time), but enjoy having people to compare trophies and such with.


I’m another who doesn’t tend to play online much but I do like comparing scores and times… (and having just one more go to try and beat them!)

Mine is phil0s0apt0r.

Never name yourself after a meme. And always spell check incase you end up sounding like an Irishman from a soap dynasty.

Not a massive online player but feel free to add me incase we end up Playing the same game at the same time.

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