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Processing SHUX

This was my second SHUX and I find myself once again just in awe of this community of people and gamers.

So many people have asked what the “best part” of SHUX was for me, and I don’t have a specific answer. What I have said every time is, “SHUX is just such an amazing group of fun, kind, positive, diverse humans. That’s what it’s all about. That’s why it’s one of the best weekends of the year.”

Every time I say it, I feel a bit cheap. I feel like what people want is for me to say a specific game or a thing that happened or something I saw, and there was much of that, but nothing compares to the vibe and atmosphere of the place for me.

The SUSD team deserves so much credit. For years they have lead by example and, if that hall in the Vancouver Convention Centre is any indication, they are now reaping what they have sown. Thousands of like-minded people gathering in one place to game. And not just game, but game in the style that SUSD has been advocating.

Those balloons in the hall aren’t just “Looking For Players”, they are also “Looking For Friends.” People more than overjoyed to have you sit with them to play games and, maybe more importantly, get to know each other through the game. Within five minutes, we’ve made new SHUX FRIENDS and a significant portion of my weekend was spent hugging and high-fiving people over, “SHUX FRIENDS FOREVER!”

There were many gaming highlights too, of course. I spent Friday teaching a group of five brand new players how to play Twilight Imperium. Each of those five found me later in the weekend and mentioned how fun it was. Two of them bought the game! I had lunch with two others on Saturday. By any stretch that was a success, even if my space pirates got roundly defeated after accidentally cheating the entire game (irony is teaching people how to play a game and 3/4 of the way through discover just how badly you’ve been accidentally cheating the last 6 hours)

Saturday was Steampunk Day! Any excuse to dress in a costume works for me, and I took it up :slight_smile: If you saw somebody walking around in leather boots and corset, yellow pants, and goggles, then you saw me! I spent the day wandering and meeting people and playing games when I could. Had a glorious game of Everdell that on Sunday turned into another, purchasing the game, and yet another play. It’s just so warm and fuzzy! I love it. Also did a completely misplayed game of Treasure Island that saw a pirate find the treasure on his second turn, followed by howls of laughter at the sudden ridiculousness of it all.

One member of our group played Wavelength with the designer during the day and taught us the game over drinks in the bar that night to hours of fun. Highlights including the clue “Imhotep” for the spectrum of “Dead to Alive” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” for the spectrum of “Phantom Menace to Empire Strikes Back”.

Sunday was more wandering, more chatting. So many game demos in the exhibitor hall and countless special moments. Captain Sonar was a definite highlight. Our team, up 2 games to none and having taken no damage yet renamed our vessel, “the Invincible” and were promptly blown to smithereens. Fate, I suppose. There was the regretful goodbye after the Closing Ceremonies, and then a quiet night with early bedtime ended up in drinks until 1am, hysterics over Galaxy Trucker, and more wandering and mingling with SHUXers in the hotel bar.

It turns out that the end of that night in the bar ended up being perhaps the most meaningful moment of the whole of SHUX for me. While speaking to a group of Shux Friends at another table, one of them exclaimed, “Wait! You’re Aurora???!!”

Taken aback, I responded with a cautious, “Yes…”

He said, “I’ve heard from like 3 different people today how fun you are and how much positivity you brought to their gaming.”

And I stood there in dumbstruck silence. True to the spirit of SHUX, I don’t know that I could imagine a more meaningful or or wonderful compliment.

So thank you to everybody who came to Vancouver, shared space, played games, and were so very lovely all weekend long. Just like last year, I’ll sit on the edge of my seat awaiting the hopeful announcement of SHUX 2020 and look forward to being with you all again.


I played a game with you! Team3!!! :grinning:

Ah! That was a super fun 2 minutes!

I saw you around the hall so many times and you always seemed to be having the time of your life! It’s stories like yours that reinforces just how awesome the entire SHUX experience is.

I was back at work today and tried to explain the weekend to my coworkers. I said it’s not just a great weekend because I get to play games with my friends, but also because I get to play games with the most awesome-est of people. Everyone at SHUX is genuine, kind, and amazingly friendly.

I’m certainly circling the first weekend of October on my 2020 calendar right now and cannot wait to get back to the show. Hopefully things will pan out and I’ll have some exciting news to share with all well before then. It was a great weekend of networking and making great contacts all weekend long but I was still able to get in some amazing games (and 1 stinker) regardless.

Playing Ecos, Men at Work, Scythe and Bob Ross: Art of Chill were definite highlights this year. I hope everyone else had just as amazing time as myself and can’t wait to see friends old and new next year!!


Out of curiosity, what was the stinker?


I understand exactly what you mean.
I mean, sure there were loads of excellent and fun games there, but it was the people who I enjoyed the most.

On the monday, when we were leaving the hotel for the airport, and feeling kind of glum that it was all over, Me & my Brother were standing in the street. He’d just started saying “This is the first day we’ve been walking around Vancouver not constantly saying hello to the new friends we’d met” and at that exact moment, a guy we’d been playing some games with called out to us. He was also on to the way to the Airport so we headed for the train with him.
Then on the train, another group of friends we’d made called out to us, so we sat with them in a big group and just talked and joked the whole way.

It really is the people that make SHUX, far more so than the games.


Hi! I was the one who taught you Treasure Island incorrectly. Turns out only one pirate does actions each day instead of all four of you. No wonder I never win as Long John Silver. Glad you had a great SHUX!

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Incorrect but still super fun! :slight_smile:

As a first time SHUXer and one of your Twilight Imperium students, you got my weekend off to such a great start. Thank you for your patience and wonderful energy!


I love that airport story! That’s so fabulous!

I played games with a group that ended up randomly sitting next to several other people on their plane from the Eastern USA as well. Similar results.

The SUSD really does deserve so much credit.

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I recognise you as well! Such a beauty of small conventions and I’m so glad that you had a similar experience to me. I’m confident many people did.

Let’s hope for that 2020 weekend for sure! Not just for SHUX but you’re teasing exciting news in general??!!! Leans In

I have an extremely unimportant SHUX2019 question. What was the mascot for? I was too lazy to get up and ask. I wanna say it looked like cross between Fred Flintstone, Elvis and Mr. Peanut, The Planter’s mascot. Am I showing my age by not recognizing it and by the things I’m mistaking it for? And by noticing a dangled preposition?


As in costume with a ridiculously big, fake head. Not the regimental goat or anything like that.

Yeah, I must have missed this as well… Where did you see it and on what day? Maybe it will jog my memory or maybe I can ask around to see if anyone has a picture of it.

I saw you! If I would have realized it was you, I would have said ‘hi’; but, I was also in the middle of a Memoir '44 Overlord game and I was rolling rather well, so I was a bit tied up.

I believe it was a promotion for a little game. He was giving out stickers. I don’t remember the game and I did not keep the sticker.

I saw the giant costume person from a distance but never interacted with him (them?) to find out what it was all about for sure. My partner thought it was a character from a video game, Adventure Capitalist. Is there a board / card game version of that coming that was being advertised? Maybe that was it?


After a quick search, yes, that looks right. Thanks.

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Ah yes! That was at the same booth as Battle Bears, but I did not see the mascot. They were giving away chances to win a copy of Adventure Capitalist if you signed up for the email notification for the Battle Bears Kickstarter announcement.

I saw you! If I would have realized it was you, I would have said ‘hi’; but, I was also in the middle of a Memoir '44 Overlord game and I was rolling rather well, so I was a bit tied up.

Ah that does sound important. You can’t break out of that. Why “If I had realised it was you”?