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Pre-SHUX 2019 Dinner - Thursday

OK, a last minute update for those paying attention. @ezeewrap66’s wife Sharon gave Lions Pub a call, and they said as long as 20 of us show up at 5:30, we can take over the upper section.

So, I say lets try that, and if it doesn’t work, we can just walk across the street to the convention center and do the 6 p.m. meetup thing instead.

For people who want to pick up their badges first, feel free to do that, then come to Lions, or come to Lions to help us secure the location, then quickly pop over (the convention center is pretty much just across the street) to get your badge then come back.

For people who can’t make 5:30, feel fee to show up later. Last year I showed up two hours later, and it was still going strong, but if you’re worried you’ll be late, I’ll keep an eye on here, or you can hit me up on the SUSD Discord.

People Confirmed for 5:30 p.m. at Lions Pub (21): Me, Swaguar, Sharon, ezeewrap66, ctblerd, Zeszes + Husband, VictorViper, ChrisQ + Brother, BrownSugarKnight, JoanofDark, a bunch of people, but it’s honestly difficult to get all their names on my phone, and I’m lazy.

People who might make it by 5:30: Canada Goose Snek, StarfoxC17 + wife

@jgf1123 had a good idea, so for anyone who is still interested in the dinner, lets meet-up near the registration booth at 6 p.m. That way everyone can register early then we can quickly plan some smaller gatherings.

Copied my post from down below. The TL;DR is that I couldn’t secure a location (that didn’t need a deposit and minimum spend) because we’re too large of a group. Sorry.

OK, so, I’ve unfortunately not been able to secure a location for this because we’re too large of a group.

So, at this point I suggest people just do a series of smaller gatherings. I know Pizzeria Ludica has games and good food and was able to host up to 18 people, so I definitely suggest people start there.

All the places @Shanneranner mentioned are close to the venue too and should be able to host a decently-sized drop-in crowd too.


@lubomirvaic also mentioned Steamworks, which is another good place for a small gathering.

They’re a little farther out, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Stormcrow’s locations, so they could be a possibility for people too.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing yet, but I’ll probably post something on the SUSD Discord, and likely here, that afternoon/.evening to get an ad-hoc gathering together.

I’m sorry I couldn’t actually pull the larger gathering together, but for the people who want to put faces to names, definitely check out the short meet-up @UllinBethalto is organzing for during the convention. You can find the thread here.

Interested people in case you want to poke them to organize something:
MikeimusPrime, Swaguar, ithilienranger, jgf1123, cillit_bangarang, GabrielH, tobenaitsubame, apm, VictorViper, flatresponse, junie, Quoc, ezeewrap66 + wife, Rockloaf, Canada Goose Snek (On Discord), Zeszes + husband, boots, Eliian, whjensen + son, brattyjedi + Joe, Adria, otter_effect, BrownSugarKnight, ChrisQ + brother, ctblerd + fiancee, TheGameShelf


You might consider calling Darryl at Pizzareia Ludica.

I happen to know they were considering hosting exactly this kind of event on Thursday night ‘if there was interest’.

But I’m also not sure they can host 50 :flushed: ?! What a great sized meetup!

Sadly I fly in Friday AM so have our own simple group reservation that night instead.

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I would like to attend the dinner meetup on the 3rd!

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I’d like to put names to faces before SHUX starts.

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I’m in. I’m also a local so I can do some boots-on-the-ground if needs be – though I don’t have any suggestions other than Lions :upside_down_face:

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I’d be down!

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I’ll be attending as well

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I would like to attend please as well

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Any restriction for unlucky jerks not attending? I’d love to meet some of y’all, but can’t make it out for the show, unfortunately.


I don’t see why we’d restrict it just to attendees.

If it’s not to forward to ask, what’s preventing you from attending?

If it’s the cost of tickets, there are people with extra tickets and a willingness to discount here: Selling 2 Extra Tickets

Full disclosure, I’m one of those people, but @plirr was first, assuming no one has taken his ticket yet.

If it’s time or something else, well, can’t help there. But I’ll add you to the attendees either way.

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Just crash it (or tell yourself that you’re “crashing” if it makes you feel better. It seems like open invitation, but I always feel like a happy scoundrel if I tell myself that I’m crashing a party).


Heading into Vancouver very early on Thursday morning, so count me in on the evening meetup!

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Thanks for the quick replies, all. I’m still holding out some hope that I’ll be able to snag a last minute ticket but money is definitely the primary concern. Count me in for the dinner at minimum! :nerd_face:

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I would love to attend this! I’ll be in Thursday morning and can definitely join in a dinner group!

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An update, I didn’t end up calling the venue today, because I came into a mess at work. Plus, I figured I should probably gauge interest a bit.

So, I should be calling tomorrow, unless work has more issues, in which case I likely won’t call until Monday because we have family over for my youngest’s second birthday party this weekend.

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Hey, this is Darryl at Pizzeria Ludica. We’re sponsoring again this year and was thinking of suggesting a dinner reservation the Thursday evening before the con. Our downtown location wouldn’t be able to host 50 though! :frowning: We could max out at 18. If people have interest I could make a reservation; would need people to RSVP here.

The downtown Ludica is within walking distance to the convention centre, so if you’re staying close to there, you’re staying close to us. :slight_smile:

However if the Lions Pub thing goes ahead, I wouldn’t want to take away from that. Maybe we could be a second option if there’s interest enough.


See you guys tonight. Papa needs his buffalo mozzarella to excel in Black Angel.

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I’d like to attend the Thursday dinner.

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My wife and I would like to attend Thursday dinner. We went to the dinner last year at the Lions and it was a great warm up for SHUX. The pub has a nice raised area that held us 50 or so last year. Lots of games were played, and people met. We’re really glad you started this thread Mike! We love Pizzeria Ludica but Darryl is right, it might be too small. --Jeff & Sharon


I’d like to attend a Thursday dinner/meet-up. I’m heading to Shux solo, so it’ll be nice to meet some folks before the con gets going.