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Post-SHUX gaming / gatherings?


I decided to stay an extra night to avoid the last-day check-out rush, but it does seem like the last day winds down pretty hard, especially with the expo hall closing at 6. (I think I might just do the end-of-day flight next time.)

I’m cool with just sightseeing in my leftover time (as per my original plan), but I just thought I’d ask, is anyone doing any post-SHUX gaming and/or get-togethers? I’m still in town until my flight tomorrow evening.


I am planning to check out the hotel lobbies after dinner.


Going to stormcrow alehouse right now for food/drinks/games/karaoke.


Ah, didn’t realise that’s where the SHUX / FanExpo karoake was happening. There now, thanks!

Now I just have to get over my shyness and say hi to random people. :sweat_smile: