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Post SHUX Brutal Food Chain Magnate?


Hello all. My name is Sam and I live in Sydney.

I LOOOOOOOVE Food Chain Magnate. The trouble is that this game, while indubitably quite excellent, is truly unforgiving and new players get crushed and hardly make any profit which can be rather upsetting. What I was hoping to do was organise a game (or two) of FCM either on the Sunday evening after the convention concludes or otherwise on the Monday morning after SHUX (location to be sourced).

Specifically I’m looking for people that love the game and its ingenious challenge and have played it at least a few times so that they are ready for some intense brain burning. Ideally I’d love to play with some awesome people who, in the wise words of Matt… are happy to be like…

“Its my turn now… BUSINESS!!!”

P.S. During the con, I’ll be teaching the game to new people who are keen to explore this amazing game and add my copy of the game to the library as well. This post is aimed at those interested in no holds barred post con shenanigans with other experienced FCM players.


I own the game and have played my copy a couple of times, and online a few times. Most of my plays have been at 2 players, the one 4 player game ground me up pretty good, but I enjoy the game and will have the monday off work. As long as I’m not entirely worn out from the weekend I would be interested in playing this!


I’ve never tried it two player, only three, four and five player and, for me at least, the game shines with more businesses vying for the ever fickle consumer demand. But yes, the more other players the more it stresses the mind thinking of moves and counter moves. And, at the same time that’s part of what makes it glorious.

Given you like TI4 as well it seems like we are going to have a blast. I look forward to gaming with you! That’s the wonderful thing about board games isn’t it? Their unique ability to bring complete strangers together and form fast friendships, creating stories and treasured memories alike.

Ok so tentatively we have 2 out of 5 spots filled! Hooray!


I own and really enjoy the game but have yet to become good at it. I’m down to play it at some point in the convention.


That’s good enough for me! The fact that you’ve own it and have played it a few times already makes you more challenging an opponent than someone completely new =)


As one of the people who’ve never played FCM, I’m glad to hear there will be some games of it at SHUX geared towards newbies; I will be tracking you down in a month. It is definitely a game that caught my eye, but it’s a tad pricey to buy without having experienced it at least once.


No worries at all. I’ll be the guy wearing the silly Australian hat so I’m easy to identify! I got hooked after watching SUSD’s hilarious review. And I was pleasantly surprised that the actual game is even better than the glowing review they gave. Look forward to showing you. Most likely Saturday morning.


Sam, I have three players we would love to play with you on Monday, please send me a message