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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


OK, time for a meta-clue: I said I’d do this.


Sliding Doors



You win a pair of Waterford Crystal brandy glasses.


You nailed it. Right on the head!


Whoops. Wait. You guessed mine for someone else. Dang I blew it




Wait, were both of those active clues for Sliding Doors ? : )

Edit: No, you said Television. Half of a conversation has clearly been deleted here…

(Either that, or @lovvbar is really messing with us : )

Edit 2: Ah, now I see. (n.b. It’s helpful to quote the relevant bit of the thing you’re replying to…)

It looks like @lovvbar owes @acharlie1377 a prize?


(2 “v’s” in @lovvbar, but I’m pretty sure we all figured it out.
And YES, @lovvbar needs to award a prize to @acharlie1377 )

Holy cow, that’s hilarious.

Oh my heck, YES! Thank you @Phil! I keep on saying this, but almost nobody does it, it gets super confusing!


Oh wow. Thanks. I even noticed that the forum hadn’t styled it the same way, and yet my brain was not seeing that spelling mistake. Fixed!


@acharlie1377 I believe I do owe you a prize.
You guessed that my clue “Nothing is random, even when it is” was a poor description of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Your prize is …
This scene from dirk gently:


Good lord, that was an amazing show. I’m so disappointed it got canned.


You and me both :frowning:


Are we down to two or fewer clues? Is it actually zero?

If it is, thank gosh, this is exhausting. Every week I think about shutting the whole thing down, but you people just won’t leave it alone.


More Star Trek Than Current Star Trek

(told you it was easy)


Is this still “The Orville”?


Of course it is, you get Bortus’s teeth and digestive system.


And I still haven’t seen it!

Currently making my way through “Enterprise”


“Enterprise” is a lot of fun, big fan! Theme song still sucks, though.

OK, may be a little harder (not too much):

Silly man makes TV station viable again

EDIT: Never mind, that’s been done here a bit before (UHF, a Weird Al movie), I edited in the strikethrough above.

Try this instead:

Youth gains motorcycle, powers, insanity, expands, explodes



Or that one episode of South Park.


It has to be Akira.


Here’s one:

Man tortured for two hours, bring the kids!