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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


If… ?


X-Men 2 aka. X2: X-Men United ?


No winners yet!

Harry Potter series
Green Street
X-Men 2

Another clue:

Protagonist has problems with sticking to schoolwork


Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse


You win this fine monochrome Rubik’s Cube.


New clue! It’s even 7 words :open_mouth:

She could never love a Baywatch fan


Nothing is random, even if it is


See, the only thing that I keep coming back to is the Baywatch movie. But it couldn’t be that, right?

Donnie Darko?


You’re right!

It’s absolutely not that.




I’m afraid not


Ok, I’ll try and give a more plot-based clue:

Taken out by van or stairs


Donnie Darko?
Signs ?

How about:
(even if that’s not it, wow, that would be a great description for Pi)


That would be an excellent description for Pi.

Also anything that David Lynch does…

Unfortunately it’s neither


Not Donnie Darko I’m afraid


Just to get this all in one place - apologies if I’ve done this wrong.


Let’s change genres a bit. Serendipity?


Groundhog Day ?


No guesses at all? Have another clue:

A girl with a doll could be life-changing


You’re doing it right enough. Getting clues and answers together helps this from being a total mess. I appreciate any effort from our posters to keep things organized, this could be a bewildering thread otherwise.