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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Man in the moon


Man has trouble turning off television show

Of many fine guesses, yours is the most correct. You win a postcard from somebody having a much better time than you on holiday in Fiji.


Not cool hand Luke, but definitely prison related.


Arrested Development


Prison Break


Alas no, it’s much more historical.

Not accurately historical, but historical.


Hogan’s Heroes?

(I just realised it wasn’t this clue for which that was recently mentioned, and it fits rather well.)


Nope. But you’ve discovered the correct war, and the main setting!


The Grape/Great Escape



Final clue.

Italian American faces the ultimate penalty.


Escape to Glory!

Edit: Escape from glory more like it amirite? :joy:


You literally couldn’t be closer…


Escape to Victory


Aw rats.


To be honest, you could have been closer. You could have typed Escape to Victor.


or Escape Too Vector-y – a cautionary tale about simply running from your captors in a straight line.


Well, this has gone quiet, but I am 100% sure Escape to Victory is correct, so imma suggest a new clue:

Private school boy makes some new friends


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?


Nope, nor any of the 7 sequels.


Green Street?