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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Tron Legacy?


Not Tron Legacy.

I’d better point out that the “Mecha” part was merely a means to an end, so that “wearing a car” sounded even remotely plausible.

Someone should call the support line to chase up that prize… I believe that The Dude is manning the phones right at this very moment. He’s surely the one to ask!


I’m sure it’s wrong, but going to throw out Tucker: The Man and His Dream.


Dude, wheres my car?


Oh man, that’s clever.


is the correct answer!

You win a car!

Someone left it outside my house the other day, and I have no need for it, so you can have it.

“He just wanted the car. All the Dude ever wanted was his rug back. That really tied the room together.”


I think we are clean for clues, so here’s

Man has trouble turning off television show


Death to Smoochy?


Stay tuned?


This clue is still live, although buried a bit far back:


Real life story

It’s also a board game

The game is published by fish eating raptors


Escape from Colditz!


Almost! I was looking for the orginal film…


… not the television series?


No, not either of the TV series, or the made for TV film… The film starring John Mills


The wooden horse?


Nope. However, I think that you should get the prize for Escape from Colditz, which is a lovely postcard from Switzerland that inspires hope.
What I was looking for was The Colditz Story.


Clue time!

Man escapes, returns, inexplicably doesn’t escape, escapes.




The Truman Show?


Cool hand luke?