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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Cannonball Run


For sheer persistence, you win a prize! It is a child who is always in the back seat of your car asking, “Are we there yet?”


Brrrr. Thank goodness I don’t own a car!


@pillbox is now one of my D&D NPC’s name. I had a weapons smuggler character I was going to introduce, but now this character’s name is “Pillbox.” You are officially a Blade Runner now (sort of) .


You also win a car.


Is the new clue.

(It really doesn’t follow the guidelines, but I have confidence that this won’t prove to be a big problem.)


Is it the Oprah Winfrey Show?


Everyone wins a prize!!!

Also: No, it’s not the Oprah Winfrey Show.


There you go, fixed it for you, you miscreants.


I’m guessing Robocop. Because I’d buy that for a dollar!

(I also don’t own a car. It’s terrifying on two wheels, I’m taking the bus more often.)


We’ve gone rogue!

'tis neither Robocop nor his book publishing empire Pocobor.

I’m just imagining this:


It’s exactly like that! Only without the car.

(That link shows my actual wheels, it’s a selfie, and I don’t live in a place where everyone rides scooters like some places in Europe or Asia or tropical islands. I’m constantly surrounded by SUV soccer moms and Hummers with bad attitudes and drunken and/or stoned students.)

(Also, apparently in that picture, I am a mad scientist who can deliver a pizza in 45 minutes or less within a limited area).


Clue #1:
Prize hasn’t eventuated?


I am going with Gone in 60 Seconds.


Ooh, nice; but not Gone in 60 Seconds.

I don’t think the two films are remotely similar to one another, but it’s the right sort of connection to the clue.


Back to the Future?


All I can say is that it wasn’t Back to the Future when I left 2019 – but who knows what’s changed since then!?


Just to really confuse matters…

Clue #2:
Mecha-Lebowski uses vehicle for clothing.


Iron Man

You had me at Mecha-Lebowski


Damn. Too slow. I spent too long reading about robot bowling.


Confusion achieved!

Iron Man

I almost feel bad that I’ve employed the concept for such a dire purpose. If we take anything away from this entry, let it be the fantastical other possibilities of Mecha-Lebowski…