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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Girl makes poor business decision; amazing results!


Maid in Manhattan?


Even more amazing than that!


It Could Happen to You?


No, even more amazing!


@Gwathdring hasn’t confirmed whether or not I picked the winning number, so that one is still active.


Hmm? Oh, that was me confirming in keeping with the thread’s unspoken style guide. I don’t think it was you, but my clue was finished. It was just a short silly one. I apologize for confusion, and award the confused each a Marxist salmon.


I feel compelled to ask… are spiders an integral part of the plot or back-story?


Oh, the correct answer was Clue. I misinterpreted your response to that.

If only I’d realised, I could have avoided all the unpleasantness of being banned!



Bonus clues

The lead actress is Oscar Winning and the lead actor is out of this world!


Scroll all the way up. It is spoken.

It’s loose, but there is a style guide.

  • 7 words is the goal, but is flexible.
  • Please keep it to no more than 2 clues because things get insane.
  • Bold face.
  • Paste the previous guesses with your reply.
  • If it takes too long, give up.
  • (also please reward the winner with a fake prize)




A-Maze-Ing Results!

@skeletor wins!

Although you only have 13 hours to claim your prize…


I love everything about that one : )




New plot:

Nearly identical stories, just different colors.


Sliding Doors?




Are the colours various shades of grey?


(I know this isn’t the answer, but I like the link…)
The Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven