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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Darby O’Gill and the Little People


Darby O’Gill and the Little People


(300. It’s 300. Which coincidentally is also Numberwang! \o/ )


Bingo! You win a gif of Kenzi with a hula hoop.


Was there a vampire cop show called Moonlight on a major network, too, or am I inventing that?

Edit: I am not inventing that, but he was a PI.




Sweet! Not bad for never having seen it. Just remember the SyFy ads.


You remember correctly, though I never saw any of it. I remember those ads too.


Are we dry, now? (I scrolled 4 days up, I’m done scrolling this whole thing back to 2017).

If there are no other clues that I’ve missed (please keep a look out, things get majorly confusing when there are more than two),
easy one, many here know it and love it:

Star Trek Movie, but not Star Trek


Galaxy Quest is too obvious, but I’ll say it anyway and bet 3 quataloons that it’s wrong


You have won! It’s Galaxy Quest! And by winning, you now owe me 3 quataloons.


Hang on, I’ll check between the couch cushions.


New one:

Andriods may/may not dream of Unicorns


Fair enough, @adrian, let me know if you find my keys in there, too.

In the spirit of the last clue, I will give another one,

Star Trek Show, but not Star Trek


The Orville


Blade Runner


Obviously, but which version?

I don’t know either.


Nailed it again! You get a date with, um… (spins the casting wheel)… um, Norm McDonald. OK, we can also do a day in the simulator if you like.


One of these days I should actually watch The Orville - I have heard it is good though?


The Tanhauser Gate version. Also the one by Ridley Scott :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can’t say it’s “good?” YMMV. I can say I like it a lot. It’s “fun.” Also it sticks to the “Trekky-ness” more than any other show right now.

(I do have to say, you would have gotten consolation points if you had answered Andromeda).