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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Source Code?


No, but that was a fun time.



Groundhog Day?


I was just about to edit my last post to say:
“it is not Groundhog Day

or “Russian Doll” for that matter (although I do strongly recommend it, it’s totally worthwhile and inspired me for this clue).

Source Code
Groundhog Day
Russian Doll


Groundhog Day?





what the hell?

EDIT: I’ve been retyping this post for days


Happy Death Day?




Source Code
Groundhog Day
Russian Doll
Groundhog Day
Happy Death Day
Groundhog Day

I may need to take some time off. No one believes me, I think I may be crazy …

(ah, what bullshit, all these have this in common. “I’m not crazy (but people will probably think I am)”.

It was released just before Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day


The trailer for Groundhog Day


[quote] Nailed it, almost. It’s 12:01 PM you get …

Nailed it, almost. It’s 12:01 PM you get [quote=“bruitist, post:4250, topic:3898”]

Nailed it, almost. It’s 12:01 PM you get

It was 12:01 but we’re all doomed now. Thanks, jerk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah, I was thinking of the 1993 TV film, rather than the short film. Particularly because a full day is repeated in that one, rather than just an hour.

Fun fact: I once wrote a poem called 12:01. It bears little relation to the film.


I saw that, too (the TV one), it was pretty good. I thought the film was better paced, but they were both great.

Anyway, you get a team of time-travelers who don’t care a lot about paradoxes.

I had not read you poem, though.
(You could resolve that here, I’ma just saying!)


Darn… I was just about to defend the pacing of @bruitist’s poem : )


I considered posting the link, but a) I wrote it when I was 19 and it’s aged somewhat poorly, b) that would involve linking to my DeviantArt, which contains stuff that’s aged even worse.

Instead, have a clue: Latvian friend hula-hoops on the phone


@bruitist won the last prize, we will not get to see the poem (much to our regret, but you should keep putting yourself out there! Even a dumb teenage thing, I’m sure we’ll get it because we’ve been there, ourselves. We’re all kind of like you, in many ways.)


makes zero sense to me, unless it’s from that episode of Perfect Strangers. If that really is the answer, we need to stop using the internet right now and commit ourselves to some kind of a nursing home for the elderly.


It is not. But it is a TV show.


Yay! I got one thing right!


Without having ever seen an episode (I swear it’s on my To-do list), I feel like I should guess It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia