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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Ferris Buellers Day Off


Ferris Buellers day off?




I reckon it’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.




I knew it was too easy. Correct! Your prize is the remains of a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California after it has been dropped from a high window. Except for the rear-view mirror.

@RossM gets that as a consolation prize for being second place.

@bruitist gets a crisp high five. :raised_hand:





French Scotsman receives tutelage from Scottish Spaniard.


There can be only one!


I declare this to be the correct answer, despite it not being one of my plots.


Indeed! You win a trip to the seaside for the next time you feel the need for a quickening.


I think this an easy clue? Two words:

Future. Arrested.

OK, probably not. How about three words:

Arrested Because Future.


Minority Report?


Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Only you don’t get a chicken dinner, you get a bag of gray-scale marbles (sorry, that’s all I could afford, I just took my son and mom to a theme-park. Or, rather, they took me? Anyway, I’m broke.)

In a slightly different approach to this clue/answer thing, how far can you push the envelope of answering that clue?

Arrested Because Future

@pillbox nailed it and won 1st prize, almost instantly!

However, I’d like to see what the rest of you lot would come up with. (Yes, Justin’s throwing in a new temporary rule, but it just seemed like a fun thing to keep us talking about movies and shows and comics and books and things).

I have to say, just to get this out of the way, Total Recall fits the bill, especially the novel.


(also, we’re out of new clues. the above is more of an optional deal. because this whole this is So Serious.)

OK, real clue, treat the above as extra credit work:

Toned down superhero. Savage Christmas. PG-13?


Dead pool 2


Close. I’m shocked you missed the essential bit.

Wait, which clue were you referring to? It could conceivably apply to each!


Once Upon a Deadpool?


(because of the back-and forth way they play with the narrative)

OK, you get a roll of duct tape and a bag of fake snow (rated PG-13) and a short video of Fred Savage apologizing for his involvement in this movie!


New clue.