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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)




Are we talking about the classic three-strip process used mostly in the 40s and 50s, or some other association with the brand name?


Three strip process.

I am giving out a lead actor, because you jerks could have asked for it, :persevere: but didn’t, and I’m running out of time between D&D and the vacation:

Ernie Kovacs

This should nail it. If it doesn’t, you need more Ernie Kovacs. (it won’t really nail it, it’s kind of an obscure movie, and no one knows who Ernie is anymore)


Hey! It is a classic horror/comedy and it was done by Technicolor! Plus, it was guessed for a different plot above and this was in my head (and possibly yours).


It wasn’t really done in Technicolor! Technicolor! Plus is super different and you know it! And now I want a Zagnut…


Evil Dead 2
Little Shop of Horrors

An American Werewolf in London?

The blob
The wizard of Oz?

I do have to pack for our vacation now (pile all the stuff in a bag), and I admire the valor of you all.

I will answer extra clues that you totally could have asked for before!!!

I’m still not sure you’ll get it before we’re done packing for Disney. This was an odd one.

James Stewart
Kim Novak
Jack Lemmon


(Feel free to Google it, it’s Sunday, nobody cares)


Well having googled it, I’d never even heard of that one before and therefore couldn’t possibly have guessed it.

Enjoy your vacation!


Go ahead and post it! If you want other players to guess, spoiler-text it. (I’ll just give it up before I leave, anyway. If no one actually guesses it from memory, you’ll have the prize @Drayven!)


For anybody still wondering, and unwilling to google for the answer:

Classic Horror Comedy Not Black and White


I didn’t know the film (and wasn’t really expecting to once the Technicolor clue was established) but I don’t think I was ever going to get there from searching either (and I did try), so that was definitely a tough one : )

Happy holiday!


Time for a new clue?
Time for a new clue!

Four Decades Represented By College Age Idiots


As (I’m sure you’d probably expect) win one bell, one book, and one candle. The bell is a leftover Christmas bell, the book is whatever you want from the clearance shelf at Barnes & Noble, and the candle is coconut scented and says “I :heart: Mom!” on it.


Thanks, @Phil! That was one of my rare impossible-without-a-search-engine clues. I felt festive and feisty preparing for our early-week weekend.

I know this isn’t it, but I want it to be American Pop (a rotoscoped animated movie directed by Ralph Bakshi).


Four Decades Represented By College Age Idiots

You are quite correct, it isn’t American Pop


Haven’t seen it in a long while so I don’t know if this even fits, but–Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?


Sadly not. Great film though!


American Pop
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

I request a general genre (comedy, drama, etc. I assume comedy, but this could also be a heck of a tragedy). If you aren’t willing to give that up, I’d accept era, theme, or a headlining actor.

(I’m still around, will try to check-in when I can, but the WiFi is really spotty).


Old School?


(Nice guess!)