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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)



Can we get a follow up clue on:


Bingo! You win a cool skull ring and a fetching purple jumpsuit.


Clue #1:
Accounting for everything from the attic.


Shallow grave?





Which coincidentally is where I store my coata.


Is correct!

You have won yourself a collection of second-hand tools – perfect for all kinds of DIY jobs.


Okay, easy one:

Rule one: Don’t lose your head.




Yep. I said it was easy. Your prize is an accent that no one can quite place, but is evidence you are from “lots of different places.”


Dangit, I wanted it to be Labyrinth! But of course, loosing your head was perfectly OK.


New clue!

AI Conflicts With Humans in Dystopian Future

Hahahha, just kidding! That’s like, 37 movies, ignore that.

OK. Here’s the real clue:

Classic Horror Comedy, Not Black and White

Good luck with this one, people. I will give away era, or one actor, or technology (<best clue) if anyone needs a hint, but I choose which one.


…Implying a use of a specific technique.

Evil Dead 2


I’m going to guess the remake of Little Shop of Horrors, because the original is black and white : )


Evil Dead 2
Little Shop of Horrors

Nope. Although I get what you’re saying @RossM, you have something, there,
and I did specifically say it’s specifically it’s NOT B&W @Phil (although, I understand how you got there).
Both great movies, I’ll shower you with handfuls of teeth (both deadite and vegetable) as consolation.

(Never substitute those for rice at a wedding, btw).


An American Werewolf in London?


Evil Dead 2
Little Shop of Horrors


An American Werewolf in London?
Nope, again.

I’m going on vacation soon for a few days, 21-25th-ish, so I’ll give you this:
For the technology clue: Technicolor.

I did say this wasn’t going to be an easy one. Feel free to ask for an additional clue, I’ll try to answer before loading the car.


The blob?


The Blob

Nope, sorry.
Nice guess, though. I’ll gift you with storm drains that actually do their job.

(EDIT: that may be the only functional and helpful fake prize we’ve ever given out!)


Final guess and vaguely related clip.

The wizard of Oz?