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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Thanks, Maestro and @bruitist. I wasn’t feeling old enough lately. Next thing I need to do is remember when The Matrix came out (my adult child was 2 years old back then. Hey you kids, get off my lawn! :older_man:)


You know, I spent a while trying to make @bruitist’s clues fit The Matrix trilogy : )

I almost suggested Starship Troopers, but I’ve only seen the first, so it was mostly a hunch.


Surely you only need the first, no worries.


Well, she was probably Mickey Mousing it up large at that time – and surely the Mickey Mouse Club must have blown up the occasional boat. It seems like a statistical probability to me.


Wait, did we start talking about Annette Funicello when no one was looking?

(I’m not that old, I wasn’t even alive in 1955)

I believe we currently have an active clue and room for one more!


Then I will “fill the void”, if you know what I mean:

Farmer lectures daughter in unconventional ways

If nobody gets it like this, I will add a seventh word, which makes it a lot more obvious.


That episode of Futurama in which they go to the Moon and Bender romances the Crushinator?




Unfortunately not!

Bingo! Nicely done.

Your reward from the bulk beings is your own personal gravitational tesseract allowing you to retroactively physically interact with one specific room of your choosing. Which room do you select?


Whilst it is tempting to suggest my daughter’s room so I could communicate via my watch, I think that the lounge could be fun if I could continue to exert some control over the TV remote.


Having finally got one of these, it sadly took me days to come up with one of my own. I think I have it:

Musician revisits gang on wedding anniversary eve


Is it a biopic?

Behind the Candelabra?


Behind the Candelabra

No, it’s not. Don’t overthink it.

I will concede a genre: cyberpunk.

I will also admit it is a direct quote from the film (-ish, close enough), and since then a lot of other people have quoted it (within other films) without actually knowing the source. (It’s a much older expression, but I think this was the first time said out loud in a major motion picture).


…and you have burned so very brightly.

Blade Runner : )


You are correct!

I’ve been saving this up for a while, I hope you like it. It’s a passcard for a nice hotel room off of the shoulder of Orion, a moon barley 5^12 K from the Tannhauser gate.


My goodness, what a prize. I don’t know if I can even imagine a thing like that. I can’t wait for a bit of rest and relaxation out there…


Live it up, my friend.

I believe we only have one active clue?

This reminds me of a joke my grandma told me, which I will not share here, because it’s very inappropriate for all ages.

I will take a low shot, though, and guess The Parent Trap because it actually kind-of works for that clue!
Also I wanted it to be an answer for something like four years now.


Sadly it’s not The Parent Trap. Let me give you another clue.

Zombie vigilante wipes out entire criminal organisation


The Crow!


Film ends, Elsa doesn’t let it go