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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


In no way snippy, but I thought “Exposition through porn” was a great sub clue to the plot.
Though it is more of “you’ll get it if you’ve seen the movie” vs some if you know the most basic plot line, you can still guess without seeing the movie.


For reference


How about:

Various people look for a missing cup


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?


But of course it was. You have won a beaten up old leatherbound notebook, which contains either clues to a fabulous treasure, or the ravings of a madman. We were unable to determine which.


I guess I’ll give this a try:

Racecar driver runs away with retired actor


I did see the movie, I just didn’t get how literally “through porn” it was :rofl:


Cannonball Run?
That was just the first thing that came into my head, they’re pretty much ALL retired, now (one way or another).


Sorry, not quite. (I wanted to quote your guess, but I can’t figure out how to).

I actually haven’t seen that movie; does it hold up?


If you select some text, a little “Quote” button should show up.



New clue as I got Skeletor’s one.

Key to success: Corner her naked in the shower



Though, a more challenging approach is to try to corner people in the shower who are not naked






Nope, but closer.


Cannonball Run

Second Clue: Bicycle foreshadows impending doom



Totally showing my age here:

Assuming that’s incorrect (it can’t be correct), I’d like to request one of the following with no messing about:
Era (the decade-ish),
Genre (horror, crime, fantasy, rom-com, etc),
Protagonist (one of the lead actor’s names. In many cases it’s surprisingly not a great clue, believe it or not).


Cannonball Run

The Triplets of Belleville. (I think that’s close-ish, but I can’t put my finger on why.)



I’ll give a new clue for the sequel: The inherent eroticism of Germans


Nope, sorry!

Cannonball Run
The Triplets of Belleville

Previous clues:
Racecar driver runs away with retired actor
Bicycle foreshadows impending doom

Final clue: Train robbers chased through Wyoming and Bolivia