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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Ooh, I know!

Event Horizon


Quite correct!

I can’t give you your own inter dimensional space ship, but I don have this ancient puzzle box you can have.


Nice, I can keep my eyes in it!


Seriously? I had discarded that as an option days ago. Just goes to show I should guess anything that comes to mind, even if I think it is wrong.


Really? Even after a song called ‘one way ticket to hell and back’?


That would be my fault for not getting around to actually watching the video.


Ditto. So far as I could see from the embed, the song was called “One Way Ticket”.

(And with a band named “The Darkness”, that all seemed to fit my guess of “Into Darkness” so tremendously well that playing the video never occurred to me).


I must say I’m disappointed in all of you.


Yeah, that kind of threw me off.

At least after

I didn’t guess Disney’s The Black Hole.

(Or at least a porno by the same name, which technically could have fit all of the clues.)

How is Master and Commander close to Event Horizon?!?!

Whatever, let’s get our minds out of the gutter and move on! :stuck_out_tongue:


New clue, easy one, if only two words (also, remember, minds out of the gutter!)

Inflatable Robot


Big Hero 6


Got it in one!

You will receive a 2x2 box that’s super heavy and a hand pump. What you do with what’s inside is up to you.


New clue: What does he do with the other halves of each suit?


Batman Forever?


God damn, that was quick!

You win some bat-nipples.


New one:

Military hunts lost property, while others interfere.


Short Circuit?


Got it in one! You receive the collection of spare parts that got blown up at the end of the movie.


Damn it! I thought of SC, but then decided against it, thinking it would probably be one of the other many many many films with that plot …


It just shows I need to check this more(or you all me) because my mind totally went to Event Horizon. Tho I was off for the Blues Brothers one, my mind went to Happy Gilmore.

@MinuteWalt In no way snippy, but I thought “Exposition through porn” was a great sub clue.
Though it is more of “you’ll get it if you’ve seen the movie” vs some if you know the most basic plot line, you can still guess without seeing the movie.