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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


Teen Entrapped in Mad Scientist’s Nuclear Plan


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?


Not quite. I had forgot about that one.
The film I was thinking of is a bit older.


It’s the polyandry that has me guessing. What is the nationality?


I was thinking Charlies Angels, but that isn’t polyandry.


@Spoof If it’s the Pirates of Penzance, I will find you, and have a stern discussion with you.


No no.
An older American film.
If I had had 8 words I would have included “mining.”

Also, the polyandry is an acknowledged part of the plot and openly discussed in the film.


is surely back to the future ?


Nailed it!


You Must State Your Movie or Show Now.
@Spoof I failed, show us!


"Paint Your Wagon"
The film version with Jean Seaberg, Clint Eastwood, and Lee Marvin.


Oh, hell, you are the worst person ever!

Well played. Very well played!


The headline:
“Infant Attacked Unsuccessfully”


The Harry Potter series?


labyrinth ?


Home Alone?

  1. Bandits cleverly rob train

  2. Aliens tell us to stop war

  3. Stolen sword, women fight for respect

And your bonus point, what links these three very different films

  1. the day the earth stood still?


Spot on!


Nice. :smile:

Here’s one:
Killed my dad, led a rebellion