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Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)


I will address your complaint in the next meeting.

Your servant as always,

Justin Moore, etc …

(additional addendum to my titles forthcoming from my minions and children, I get both of those groups conflated, sometimes.
They get my taxes done, I’m not complaining).


Money Pit
Brewster’s Millions
Death Becomes Her

My next guess is just being silly, but I’m throwing it in because it made me chuckle:

The Beverly Hillbillies

OK, @skeletor, you need to give it up or give us a new clue that’s gonna dial it in!

I think we have only one other open clue, let me know if I’m wrong, kids.


Family struggles to pay back tax bill

Nope, sorry.

As for a clue, the film has a very Spielbergian conclusion.



It’s the blues brothers!



Indeed it is! Your prize was going to be a Cadillac, but somebody traded it for a microphone. Enjoy your microphone.


Underprepared ship sent to investigate threat.


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Underprepared ship sent to investigate threat.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Star Trek


So close @Scribbs!




Technically a boat.

Second clue

Exposition through porn.


I was also thinking “Every Star Trek film”, and I’m sure James T Kirk’s proclivity for alien nooky would tie into this latest hint. I can’t suggest a specific entry in the catalogue, though.


Final clue…


Probably not, but Prometheus?


Bingo! You’ve won a free dental appointment with Tom Hanks as your dentist!


Star Trek: Into Darkness ?

(A film I have not seen, but given that clue…)


That episode of Futurama with the giant garbage asteroid?


Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Star Trek

(I don’t know what to make of the video clue).

So it’s Barberella, then (or possibly Zardoz, the worst, funniest, most embarrassing Sean Connery film ever)?


All wrong!

Quite literally the point of no return.